SCDJWS – mission accomplished

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12 Responses to “SCDJWS – mission accomplished”

  1. ninad Says:

    Great job mate ! …..
    Congrats … its good enough reson for a party.

  2. Megha Says:

    Congratulations !!!!! Amazing feet..

    so when is ur next certification.

  3. rahul Says:

    congo buddy.. good job..

  4. QutubuddinAibak Says:

    Sahi hain Bhidu …..

    Party to banegi …

    Hum bhi aayege Jasn manayenge….

  5. nitinpai Says:

    @ninad, yea….i dont mind… where is it? 😀

    @megha, thanks megs, umm.. no concrete plans yet

    @rahul.. thanks buddy

    @QutubuddinAibak… umm… tum mujhe qutub minar do.. hum tumhe party denge 😀

  6. Debabrata Says:

    Great Job Nitin – sky is the limit – So keep it up.
    But dont study too much – barna biwi chhorke bhag jayegi.

  7. Tejaswini Says:

    Hey….Congrats Nitin…
    So, when is the party?

  8. itsthemcpheever Says:

    congratz Nitin. and wow computer certs are hella complicated lol

  9. nitinpai Says:

    @debabrata, .. tu pakar ke wapas laana! 😀

    @tejaswini,…ummm ninad might know it 😀

    @itsthemcpheever,… yea man.. its complicated for sure, i realised at last 🙂

  10. Anand Says:

    Congrats Nitin..Please let me know the books to follow to get certified in this paper..

  11. Camiel Says:

    Congratulations !

    I am studying this now and yes, it is much more difficult than other multiple choice certifications, especially in terms of the huge number of API facts you have to learn.


  12. NIIT Bandra TEAM Says:

    Congratulations!!!! on clearing that test.

    we at NIIT feel really nice at such success stories.

    May God Bless you with success in your future endeavors.

    From the Desk of the Centre Manager (Team NIIT Bandra)

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