Unbounded Visions

Its been a long time since I had written my last poem. Almost 4 months. So felt really like wrting something, not just anything, coz I often put my thoughts in a poetic manner whenever they seem to overflow out of my head. The greif of not getting selected in Hurix despite my best attempt made me to sit down in a glum mood and write down the following poem. Its all about what I want from life, or rather, in life.

Unbounded Visions

The only emotion I prefer is to be happy,
Away from the riches of the world to seek natural mirth,
The consequences which follow are sometimes sappy,
But what appeals to the heart always has its worth.

Amidst the sad realities, I lie unabated,
Constantly soul searching, in which I find real peace,
For others, being real, doesn’t make them feel elated,
For me, it’s like fragrance streaming through a breeze.

Remorse over facts from the past, I choose to ignore the most,
How would that help in bringing life its meaning?
I would rather prefer staking my life if not worst,
Foreseeing my future, even if, by dreaming.

Honesty, I swear, is a quality to treasure,
Not a single guilt to burden down thy conscience,
It helps to live life up to its umpteenth measure,
Making others feel the wealth of your presence.

Life may not always be a bed of roses to walk,
With thorns always pricking on your course,
I want to live like a warrior with actions doing the talk,
To secure my chosen destiny right from its source.



MMS for Dummies

what’s an MMS?
Dude! An MMS is the fastest n the cheesiest thing to achieve fame n glory across the globe.How does it spread?
Enlightened by the prior explanation you charge up and dash to your nearest dealer n get a cool gizmo called digicam and you are all set for the dreams you were chasing to come true in an instant. You call up your girlfriend and tell her you are missing her a lot and what does she think of spending a night out at your place. Your girlfriend likes the idea (She was waiting for it dude!!!). You make the stage set , candlelight dinner, fragrance spray , romantic music , a classic movie DVD , neatly combed hair n stylish clothing and wait for her. She arrives perfectly at dinner time (Man! She looks gorgeous. Poor you, you have to finish the dinner before your special moment).

Okie all said n done dinner begone. Now you start your performance (Oscar nominations were just meant for you). You tell her how much you love her n caress her. She becomes vulnerable to your moves. The next thing you want is to make a movie out of this special night. She agrees (You lucky dog). So the cam is set. Your festivity begins. You start to…… (censored).

Ok its day time. Now she has left thanking you can’t wait to show your best friend (me who else!) how passionate lover you are n how do chicks fall for that easily. So you bring over a copy of the recording and we both enjoy (Man you are a Spielberg!!). You leave the copy with me for promotion of your instincts. True friend as I am I upload it to the web so that your near n dear ones can be proud of your “soft” skills. (How sweet).

Oops…a pervert surfer gets your file and does editing on it and makes a movie by the name “Kya Kuch Kuch Ho raha hai?” and pastes in Bazee for auctioning. The next day bazee sales increase by whopping 50 % due to your movie. But watch out, the cyber crime cell notices that n catches Bazee chief n throws him in jail for allowing such passions to burn in his site. The news is all over in television, tabloids, magazines. You see yourself being discussed all over the globe (wasn’t I right in the first instance?).

Your girlfriend is so embarrassed and angry with you that she dumps you and flies away to a tiny place in Canada where no one knows her (Why worry when you are a Casanova ?). Her parents files a case against you for kidnapping their daughter (She didn’t inform her parents…too bad). The cops come n arrest you. The college authorities take quick action by debarring you from their college coz they don’t want criminals graduating from their college (You were in the final year of graduation…remember?) . Your parents are ashamed of your act and publicly declare that you are not their son and don’t know who are? ( Jesus…you just lost all your credit cards!! ).

Its over (No its only the beginning dude. Fame has still to come)The police agree with your parents and refuse to hear you out and now you are considered a refugee with a faked passport n nationality. You come in contact with a terrorist in the prison cell. He hears your woes and lends a helping hand (Dude ! he has gone through the same thing!!) . He offers you opportunity to run away from prison with him. You do and land up in Pakistan where the ISI is recruiting freshers (criminal degree is a must!). You take up the job and join forces to destroy your country for the damage they did to your digicam (shit!! your digicam was burnt to ashes). You put your brain power in making nuclear bombs and schedule a date to lauch them in your country. You come back to country and decide to plant the nuclear bomb in the capital on republic day…but hey the black cat commandos notice you (They had seen your movie!!) and capture you.

Dont worry, you have a cyanide bracelet which you open and eat and the next thing you land up at the gates of hell!! Where all the satans are watching your movie (dude the digicam which got burnt also reached hell…now you are happy!!). You are recognized as the most sensational star to do a movie with Mallika Sherawat(what!!! somebody has morphed your girlfriends’ face)……
Fame fame n more fame….do i need to tell more how to achieve more fame or is this quite bearable…..huh?

You are a famous star, a stud, a ferocious terrorist, and satans most trusted PA…what else could you ask for more than that?

But what’s an MMS??
Holy crap!! you ate you entire cream pie and now you are asking who put the algae for fermentation. Dude!! you suck (really?). An MMS just stands for More n More Scandals

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A day at Hurix

Yesterday and today Hurix Technologies, Andheri had held a walk-in for the post of a technical writer. I came to know this after I got the news that two of my classmates has got in yesterday. Excited, even I decided to give it a shot after inquiring about its whereabouts.

Taking a CV I caught the vasai local of 8:20 am which seemed a little less crowded which a momet of surprise for me. 2 more of my classmates joined me at the Andheri station and we together took a walk of about 20 minutes from Andheir (east) station and finally reached the venue. The company interiors were plush and attractive. But the thing that amused me the most was all the employees seemed to have a gala time working there. Some were fiddlling with paintbrush, some were grooving with mp3’s and some were chit chatting. Not only this, all of them were casually dressed with jeans, tees etc. The atmosphere looked more of a call center than an IT company. I was looking forward to work in a similar atmosphere.

A lady guided to the test room for our first test which included 300 questions of plain grammatical sentences which either required to be completed with the given options or correcting them. The time given was 90 mins. All 3 of us started at 10:10 and finished at 11:40 in the meanwhile some more candidates joined us. After the test we were made to wait outside for about 30 mins for our results. I got through with 84% which I feel was damn poor. One of my collegues couldnt make it n had to leave.

The same lady then guided me to the same test room for a second test which was of 3 hours consisting of 4 sections viz. Aptitude, Jumbled paragraphs, 2 essays to be written and finally 9 comprehensions!!! It was a really boring to spend those 3 hours which I started at 12 and managed to complete all the stuff at 3 pm. I was happy since I was confident that i had done well.

The lady then asked me to wait for another 15 min after which I would receive a call for an interview If I had cleared the tests. And I did clear them. A fat lady took my interview which included of typical interview questions like strenghts, weakness, expectations, etc, etc. Though I was not exactly prepared for an interview after those exhaustive 3 hours I think I answered her decently. But much to my disappointment, at the end of the interview the lady told me that she was looking for experienced writers than freshers. I began to wonder if that was the case then how could my friends got through the other day. While I was wondering the lady told me that she would forward my resume’ to other dept’s which were looking for freshers and that they would likely give me a call within a day or two. I did not have the guts to question her decision and finally I remember I just said “Ok fine. Thanks”. Outside two girls were overly excited, who were besides me giving the test, since they had got selected and were asked to join on coming Monday. I inquired them if they were experienced or not but was heartbroken when I found out they were freshers too. I couldn’t understand the lady’s decision but would have felt much more better if she had rejected me straightaway. I just congratulated the girls and left the center with a heavy heart.

Power Failure

I am really pissed off by the MSEB load shedding schedules. Prior to 2005 the day when load shedding was done was on Friday’s for 6hours. This year it becoming worse by their new strategy or whatever you call it in taking of 2 hours of electricity early in the morning at 5 am sharp to 7 am alongwith with our little bit of sleep. Now further down the year its becomeing a virtual hell when these bloddy people are also keeping the power switched off in the evenings and sundays for 4 hours. How much of power do they require? Is there a dearth of it? I dont think so. And if there is then y the bombay people arent made to suffer the same thing? And to talk about the lathargic amont of money we spend in bills without even having electricity for half the part of our lives. I get the feeling like we are turning back to rural lifestyles than becoming urban with the depletion of facilities that the government brags of providing. It would be far much more better to hand over the work to private parties. I woudln’t mind spending a bit more to get what is required rather than spending over miseries. Will someone do something about this?

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Watch out, Santana!

I had the interest of playing any of the musical instrument since childhood. Out of my favorites which include the acoustic guitar, synthesizer and drums the acoustic stood top of my priority always. Owing to the 6 month vacation I had received for my job to start I had done nothing besides goofing up here n there. So with a final decision for doing something creative in the 2 months left till January I went to buy an acoustic guitar at S. B. Musical Stores, Malad (West).

Some interesting theories I came across while chatting with the store owner which are worth sharing.Guitars come in major 4 categories :
Acoustic : Hip guitars for playing peppy songs. They have steel strings which basically are used for strumming.
Classical : Playing tunes like the classical English Music. They have nylon strings for playing melodious single notes.
Electric : Rock on baby!! Time for some head banging. Can be played only with an amplifier.
Bass : They havethick strings which make some deep sound particularly for producing your base music.

Hobners, Givson, Ibaneez make classical and acoustic types which start at the range of 1800 bucks for small sizes and 2500 for jumbo sizes. Granada makes to the top list for electric and bass types.

Two types amongst the acoustic guitars include :
Round holed : Requires some amount of stress for playing tunes where the sound is produced from a round hole in the center.
Side Cuts : Sound comes from side cuts without any hole in center. This sound has greater depth than the earlier one. I liked these.
Full Flat : Normal guitar types perfectly symmetrical in geometry and have only 12 frets ( notes ).
F- Cut : Asymmetrical guitars which have been provided with a cut in the right side to include up to 14 frets.

I had been advised by my Sir of whom I have joined classes for some Guitar coaching for getting Hobners. So I bought a cool looking Hobners 265 which happens to be the most popular brand amongst starters. Its an acoustic, side cut, F-cut, jumbo sized guitar with red-black gradient look which came at a price of 3,000. The other brands worth trying were Givson and Ibaneez but I decided to stick to the advice.

After my first lessons in playing only 4 chords namely A major, C minor, F and G minor the feeling that playing Guitar is simple has faded away. The proof lies in my swollen fingers right on the very first day. It really is a tough job but at the end of the daywhen you come up playing a nice melodious tune nothing seems bitter about it.Its hardly now 1 month left and lots of learning to do. I just cant wait to play my favorite “Hotel California” on this sweety.

Motherly Nightmare

Phew! It had been a nightmare for the past one week for me as my PC came to a standstill way back on the 13th of November. Its 21st today and so I had to survive without my PC over 9 days. Luckily I did. Something went haywire and due to some unknown reasons my motherboard and the SMPS connector has got burnt even though my PC is connected via UPS. The HP guys whom I have purchased my system did a fast job by getting my system to work in 9 days where it should have been done within 24 hours as they constantly brag about their “within 24 hours” service. The most satisfying thing was that I had a warranty till 30th December so I managaed to save about a whopping 20,000 bucks if I had to repair it myself. Anyways my system is finally working and the feeling of being virtually dead disconnected from the rest of the worldwill soon diminish. Happy days again!!! yippee.

Role Reversal

The ad’s recently on the television are showcasing more n more on making men look handsome and fair. This latest fad had managed to capture the best of the celebs who endorse the product as the originale which helped them to dominate the stardom they enjoy currently. With the current debate going on the newly coined term “metrosexual male” more feminism in being introduced in a man’s masculinity. I fear that despite the inablity to accept the facts of homosexuality, where this new facade is going to take the new generation to. It is also clearly visible that females are increasingly adopting man’s style, be it in the hippy looks, jeans, shoes, formals, hairstyles…. in short they are capturing into a man’s domain. With such ideologies implanted in the new generation, I think the world is heading for a major role reversals of the sexes and it sure gives me creeps.