Free at last

The 4 year long saga has been fuitfully put to an end with the closure of my final B.E exams…hoping that the results be also fruitfull in consequence of the hard work put in to making it worthy. Not ezpecting much , not less either..but apart form 3rd paper rest have gone much according to my beliefs….
I dont have an idea to start enjoying the vacations or to start myself preparing for my life ahead. Life seems very different when u come to the start of a brand new enterprise for your future…A whole new lot of doubts n confusion….but somewhere lies the thought…”I have come till here now with success.. Ill lead the way for it as I always did” ….lets see how much it stands its worth after being a B.E.

Mail from Nick Jenson

Here is the mail i got from Nick Jenson. Nick Jenson is a 2D/3D Web Designer who lives in Denmark. He is a true inspiration for me after i saw his terrific works on

I had asked him about some fundamentals on 3d imaging. Nice guy that he is! he took his time to reply I am posting this so that those who are really interested in 3d imaging n animations must read his advice.

Hey Nitin

Sorry about the delayed reply, but I am working doubleshifts these days.We have a deadline on a presentation of our game (or how far we have come with the game) to our investor – and on top of that i am finishing op a big freelance job too. Hence, time is rather limited.

Thanx for the kind words – its always nice when others appreciate your work. About 3dsmax – what can i say. Complete hand over it you will never get. You should try the various aspects of creating content in MAX – find out what you like to develop mostly -HiPoly content for tv/print/movies – og LowPoly content for games and realtime vizualisations. Also try to figure out what you like most – modelling/textureing/animating. I myself have completely eglected character animation – simply because i think it is a chapter of its own. You’d proably want to do sketching/drawing classic animation etc. first to get the basics down properly. And that is
easily several years alone. So i mainly model and texture. Thats my preference. Usually i’ve been doing HiPoly, but these days
i do LowPoly for “Seed”. And – I’m all selftaught in 3D. I’ve had 1½ years of general training in computer apps, but 3Dsmax is selftaught. I recommend doing all sorts of tutorials – get some books and join some good 3D communities (, cgtalk, cgnetworks etc.)

– good luck with it 🙂

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Nick B. Jensen