Power Game

Well its time we had some different kind of a governing body which could work for our interests and always strive to be the best even if had the entire country scorning for its rule. I think all these marks in our lives have been made by one such authority on which we thrive for our better survival. Can’t figure it out? Simple enough, it’s the media!!

Yea the media right from its root of coming into existence it has ever grown stronger and stronger becoming out daily dose for survival. Could you ever imagine how worse would our life be without single source of media? I bet you can’t. But does that mean it has made our life better. It could a topic of debate. I am specifically talking about the news agencies when I talk on media. Lately the barriers of public and private life is becoming more thinner than earlier with the help of these power hungry media people leave alone the paparazzi. They have been interfering with the daily matters of the celebrities from ever they came into being and now they have sworn to make common people celebrities too. They have their go at anything which can make them world famous.

The lone reference can be taken from the first sting operation which came in like a storm and was blown as a whirlwind into everyone’s lives. I am talking about the Tehelka sting operation. Though it helped out to bring the black souls from the white collared leaders in front of the public, it also gave birth to the infamous “stings” which are even now biting to the one who is unaware, be it you, me or anyone.

How on earth would you know that your conversations are tapped, your adventures being filmed by a hidden camera, your privacy being sold in public without your consent? I bet you have no idea, neither me nor anybody, until we hear about our own life from others to get all the more shocked! Believe me its happening. Previously it was a thought that hackers only were the men who intruded your privacy through your computers. Okay that can be dealt via some or the other tactics but who will save from the invisible hunters of the media. You can never be sure if your life runs parallel with the life of Harry Truman being broadcasted worldwide just for entertaining other masses in the name of a “reality TV show” or being filmed by your own family members as shown in “saade saath phere” without you having the slightest of the hints for making some pocket money.

Who can forget the now famous pornographic tapes which are made for the one special moment and later get leaked out for others to enjoy as well!! Okay what’s the big deal if you are not going to make them? Somebody else will and then would fake it out for you. Thinking of such matters gives me shivers. The media has become so much injected into our lives that we neither can ignore it nor can accept it fully. But if we let this power game to carry on then in no time we definitely will reach a stage where only the fittest will survive or I should say the smartest will survive and its gonna take a toll on everyone’s life.

Yes we do require a governing body which could differ from the present corrupt officials and power hungry animals, not the one which governs us in our home but makes this world a better place to live in.


Mayhem in Mumbai

Rain Rain, go away,
Dont come again in any way.
Bah! Its been a hell of a month with these torrential err.. I mean torturous rains and I guess it doesnt seem to end either. I have hated rains my entire life coz it makes me stuck up in the bounds of my house and I dont intend to get my feet dirty (alongwith my jeans too) going out wading out in the sea that lies outside ..due credit given to the BMC people for those gorgeous potholes..err..I mean..craters. My new sandals are now making that errie squish sqaush sound as if a baby wearing those squeaking baby shoes would walk around happilly…Duh!!

Didnt the rain find some other location or has some glue evaporated and gone into the clouds to make them stuck up there?? Plz cmon, time out, gimme a break, atleats give some time for my umbrella to dry up…

Rockstar: INXS – The Big Fight

Recently I had a debate in IdolForums whether a female is capable of becoming a rocker or not which was raised by one of the members. The reference was to the reality show Rockstar : INXS in their campaign of choosing a lead singer for their band as the earlier singer Micheal Hutchenance had committed suicide.

The question was Did a female ever really have a chance as INXS’s ?


the thing i feel is that they were not really looking for a female..particularly in my opinion it shd be a fact since i dont think female can provide as much power n edge to a rock band like INXS …bcoz even though female can do anything a male can there are some things which happen to be male dominated and people too like it that way..otherwise marty and mig never would have topped so many times neither would have suzie toppled down to bottom 3 so often….all of them are talented but me thinks power of a male rockstar is more exuberant than a lady…as a matter of fact INXS was open to female contestants…. they didnt put suzie in bottom 3 …people did and then it was on INXS decision to choose her or drop her..so its not INXS fault..they would obviously chose one from the 3

You know nothing about the capabilities of female singers or life in general.Female opera stars have held their own with men for centuries. Even over shadowed or dwarfed them in range and power.In regards to R&R. Aretha Franklin, Grace Slick, Heart, Janis and I dare say Deanna were very powerful. I think Suzie has some balls to her voice when she wants too.

…i didnt tell that there arent exceptions..all i wished to tell was what people in general thought about..y would u think suzie was in the bottom 3 so many times…or why only the girls have been in bottom 3 and been rejected as opposed to mig who just happened to go in the bottom only once last time….there are powerfull ladies i agree…but what would u consider about the peoples opinion??

What I consider about peoples opinions is what I have felt for a long time about the general listening public. And I beg that no one takes this as offensive, but: they are a fickle bunch of followers. Big record companies (some of which I have worked for even) force feed the listener EXACTLY what they want them to hear.So when someone as talented as some of the females on Rockstar deliver fantastic performance they are ignored. Why? Well they are not up there wearing next to nothing singing “Genie In A Bottle”. They are doing rock.Add this to the fact that I would GAMBLE that the fan base is predomininantly female (who seem heavily attracted to the males in this and other competitions…proof? read this entire board).On the otherhand, I am a male, and every week I actually DID vote, and voted every time for Jordis and Suzie, bar not one week.No doubt there are other reasons to, but this is a great place to continue this discussion.

no need of proof…..its a well known fact. so u agree male rockers have greater fan base…well thats the point..INXS will capitalize on that ..so a male rocker was destined to be the front man…

I never said otherwise. I just linked to Kirk’s comment, and wished that his ideal in that interview had been a reality. Like I said…it is too late now.Destined? Could be, but that has nothing to do with the power or lack of power of the female singers…it just has to do with the fickle public and the desire of the record companies associated with INXS.

this is about INXS we are talking about….not the general public……….in general everyone has a very good chance to be an allrounder but it does depend on the situation and the event where past happenings are taken into consideration when the public’s opinion is taken into account.. people applauded INXS due to the male lead singer and maybe thats stuck up in their minds to have a similar persona ….having a female as lead is OK but preference definitely was for a male…i never have biased and nor did i have a chance to vote due to zonal diffrences but i was talking about how the people have reacted based on the poll results…it may have a hidden element too but thats there in every big event….if u know wat i am saying but i was not considering it …maybe i have too now

Much ado about blogging

I don’t understand why people resent getting the meaning of some terminologies and just prefer to using the rationale “Ignorance is Bliss” and put the thinking cap in the back seat of their car instead of on their dumb minds (getting pretty angry). It hurts(ouch!) to see my fellow colleagues try to act like they have seen something out of the blue even though they have spent half of their lives trampling on them (that too from the computers background, can you believe it !!!) . Believe what?? (now you are asking me? Hell). Man, I am talking about these blogs, the ones seem to rule the world today (yes indeed…I saw the newspapers taking the stuff from blogs and claiming to be their articles…Duh!!) and people are ignorant about the fact that they exist!! You don’t believe it? Go asking people this question, ”Heard of a blog ..eh?” (in a john Travolta Fashion ) and they go blitzkrieg hearing about the sound of BLOG as if they just heard a spaceship land from mars (seeing too much of sci-fi these days). “Man, what does that mean??”, they ask. Is that supposed to be rhetorical or ironical, much to my disbelief it seems that finally it turns out to be the former one, ALWAYS (Bah!). For instance, I will tell you my own incident. There is this friend of mine called “FRIEND” (name undisclosed to protect his dumb nature…heh) and there is this “ME” (me, myself who else could it be?) who wanted to see my SITES as he knew I was doing web designing these days. So I gave him 3 links:

(For those unconcerned the first link is to my personal SITE (check the highlight) while the other two are for my BLOGS (check highlight again))

SITE: Representation for something you are or your company or your business or others’ in the form of web pages on the internet.
BLOG: Space for some ideas you put or anything anyone has to speak out on some things in life, anecdotes, ideas or trash (u may say crap), or even maybe works.

People can adjudicate physical things categorically very sleekly in a much treacherous way that I happen to wonder what losses they incur to do the same for the above terminologies. For example:
Person1: Hey man! You seem to be busy reading something ..
Person 2: Yeah man, got this today.
Person1: Which book is it.
Person2: (Eyebrow raised and nodding head as if he was sitting on the top of a throne like a king talking to his jester) … Oh man..Its not a book (Really!) ..Its a Novel (that was tough..indeed!!)
Person1: Oh,,,sarry (Pleading guilty)

Now do u see how people differentiate a NOVEL from a BOOK. That propels me in a zone where I too feel comfortable to refer to proper terminologies in the case of the internet. There are portals, blogs, sites, forums,e-shops etc and they should not be ever related by a single word viz. a SITE (rotating fist)

Okay, now said and done the reason for wasting my time writing this post:
Meeting of FRIEND with ME at college campus, the conversation about seeing my links I had given a day before started as follows:
ME: So, saw the links?
FRIEND: Yeah, pretty cool dude, never seen such awesome stuff before (Liar!!)
ME: Chee, Thanks mate, So read my blogs too?
FRIEND: Blog (Thunderbolt falling from the sky sound)…wats thhhaaaaaaat?
ME: Heh,, (Kidding me eh?) what did u see then?
FRIEND: Hey you told to see the 3 sites ..i saw,,pretty cool stuff
ME: 3 Sites (Damn!!) Hey its not 3 sites, only one site and 2 blogs
FRIEND: Whatever, pretty cool man
ME: (Whatever… Grrrr !) , wat exactly did u see? (politely)
FRIEND: all of them
ME: okay, (let me try differently) what did u like on the 2nd link
FRIEND: yeah, lot of writings on it man
ME: (Wat a joke!) Well yes, did u read any of them (posts)
FRIEND: nope
ME: (raising eyebrow) then what r u appreciating about it
FRIEND: The layout man, pretty awesome
ME: (Holy Crap!) Layyyyouttt,, all u saw in my blog was layout??
FRIEND: yea pretty cool man, how did ya do it?
ME: (Sweet Jesus!) The layout is provided already, I just post in it
FRIEND: Oh ..(some thoughts later) ..ok…keep up the good work
ME: (referring to the 3rd link) atleast did u see my 3rd link, my works
FRIEND: yea pretty awesome man
ME: Wow, thanks mate! Which one u liked the most
FRIEND: not seen entirely
ME: From those seen atleast (getting annoyed)
FRIEND: the layout man,,splenidid
ME: (Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh) leave it dude
FRIEND: well ok
ME: (lets ask about my SITE now) how is my site
FRIEND: I told ya ,, all sites were cool
ME: (All SITES???? I am gonna kill this idiot) very well then
FRIEND: yeah
ME: (just before leaving) hey signed my guestbook ?
FRIEND: wheres that?
ME: (take him away GOD plzzz) it was there as a link in the first page itself
FRIEND: no man didn’t see it..didnt have much time u see
ME: then my friend for Pete’s sake, what did u like??????
FRIEND: The layoutttttttt mannn (as if I was being the idiot)
ME: thanks for the appreciation mate (got to get rid of him now)
FRIEND: hey man, did u mean those other links were a sort of Forum
ME: (takes out a sword and slashes his throat…heh..well sort of wanted to do it) chal bye gotto go time out
ME AGAIN: Phew !! May day May day