Lost in Translation

Sometimes there’s a particular phase in your life which makes you think “Aw, C’mon which way am I supposed to go now? I am clueless”.I think I am going through the same phase and particularly when it comes into introspection about my career. I am absolutely clueless about the path I have to choose from hereon to reach the uncanny destination which I seem to perceive every now and then. The destination to be the perfectionist and attain expertise in whatever fragment of an arena I have ever dwelt upon till now.

Its unattainable yet believing it to be happening somewhere along the span ignites the deep lying dormat excitement of doing the work in the right spirit now.Maybe or maybe not I might be able to perceive it into reality at all but for the present the goal seem to be lost amongst hefty demands of the brain which make me succumb to the mere thought of losing to the paradigms defined for a human feat.

Its possible says the heart and the adrenalin gushes up in the blood to make every moment come alive in the upbringing of the thought process and the mind in the moment starts to reel and the soul finally get lost in translating these different predicament which I have to realize in this short span. God help me!!