Need for a good WordPress Web Host

Ever tried finding a house on your own? The first step you take in this direction you will be witnessing millions of hoardings for real estate offers for an attractive and all tailor made to suit your budget with terms and conditions (TOC) buried in the agreements and a microscopic star displayed somewhere in the hoarding. The next thing you do is avoid those and will fall straight into the hands of the hungry real estate agents who are just sitting tight waiting for a prey falling right into their traps. Surely they are no less mean than the hoardings but still they at least have options you can choose from. But hey! Those options might be sponsored from those very companies who put on the hoardings in the first place.

Battling out the hunt for a good web host is no different than the above situation and I have come across the same hoarding-and-agents scenario while I was trying to find one which suited my needs. I can now also call it as, looking for a good virtual estate! But at least searching on the web for your needs is not as tough as in the real world since there are loads of reviews, couple of handy forums, a few good comparison sites and the most important of all Google!! I bet finding anything on the web without a good search engine like Google would have been literally impossible.

The thing which I want to accomplish is to first find a good web host. The reason is simple – I got lots of content in my mind which I want it to spread across the globe and what could be more irresistible than wordpress. I had chosen wordpress with this aspect in mind in July, 2006 and had moved away from blogger where I had started with my first blogging attempt in March, 2005. Over the year I felt the need of a good blog management tool which blogger doesn’t have till date. WordPress has fully lived up to my expectation for a full fledged professional blog management application. It has given me more than I had asked. My Blogger blog gave me a visitor count of 600 over one year but I couldn’t believe my eyes when the visitor count for wordpress blog reached about 6500 as on December 30, 2006 i.e. only 5 months! Of course wordpress alone wasn’t responsible for the blog’s success; it was the content in my posts, but without wordpresss’ promotion through its tags listing it wouldn’t have reached that height.

Now that I have a got a good experience with blogging on wordpress and a solid foundation for presenting content on the web and with a good base of readers for my posts, I feel like the time has come to move on my own into the wild wild web. But why move away from wordpress you ask? Well, having a free blog on wordpress doesn’t hurt in putting in content. But being a developer and a programmer at heart my mind is attributed to trying out new stuff, and being creative above all makes me scream when the free blog restricts me on trying out custom scripts and themes. So the decision to move away! Probably that’s why you will see many links referring to hosting sites in my account right now!!

But I won’t be leaving wordpress for sure. I’ll take it to a new web host and try out my experiments with it. To make sure that readers get the full benefit of my blog and it helps people across the globe to get more educated, I am analyzing information about all the good web hosts available. WordPress has again come to rescue in helping me find a good host by providing some options. Through these options, I have made up my mind finally to go with bluehost. Time will tell whether it will do me any good than my current stance or will it make me return back from where I leave. This will be definitely an interesting challenge for me in the coming days.

For one thing I want my readers to make a note is that this post is just a kind of notice so that the readers of this blog be prepared for change some time soon, in the feed links or if they hot-linked my blog. I assure that the old posts in this blog will not be moved or deleted and also I don’t intend to duplicate them in my would-be-new location so as to gain from the popularity I have got here. Ill be starting afresh with new zest and will thrive to be at my best. That’s a promise!!

I’ll continue to contribute to this blog until I purchase a new domain. Ah! That reminds me I am yet to settle upon a good domain name. Wish me luck! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Need for a good WordPress Web Host”

  1. arup Says:

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  2. Says:

    Useful blog… can you suggest where can i host free wordpress under my own domain? my students are interested to post their works. Thanks…

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