Who’re the bonds this year?

There are gonna be two bonds this year. Ask why? Hey see the year… it’s 2007
i.e. 2(007) = 2(Bonds) 😀

Yep. The names bond James Bond.
And the years, new year, Happy New Year 😀
Enjoy folks!

Lets the party begin…



Need for a good WordPress Web Host

Ever tried finding a house on your own? The first step you take in this direction you will be witnessing millions of hoardings for real estate offers for an attractive and all tailor made to suit your budget with terms and conditions (TOC) buried in the agreements and a microscopic star displayed somewhere in the hoarding. The next thing you do is avoid those and will fall straight into the hands of the hungry real estate agents who are just sitting tight waiting for a prey falling right into their traps. Surely they are no less mean than the hoardings but still they at least have options you can choose from. But hey! Those options might be sponsored from those very companies who put on the hoardings in the first place.

Battling out the hunt for a good web host is no different than the above situation and I have come across the same hoarding-and-agents scenario while I was trying to find one which suited my needs. I can now also call it as, looking for a good virtual estate! But at least searching on the web for your needs is not as tough as in the real world since there are loads of reviews, couple of handy forums, a few good comparison sites and the most important of all Google!! I bet finding anything on the web without a good search engine like Google would have been literally impossible.

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The birth of AJAX – an amazing story

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New look for the new year

WordPress has included this theme which you are currently seeing in my blog. This theme was designed for Drupal, which is a content management system. I had worked on drupal a couple of months ago and had liked the themes of drupal, hence could not resist trying it in my wordpress blog. I think it looks fabulous especially the part of the header where the gradient gets a slight burn towards the bottom and the post banner sticking out in the header. Wonderful simplistic design, i must say. I am thinking of purchsing a domain just for the sake of tweaking the CSS and to make my own themes because this free hosted version of wordpress has had my hands tied alongwith restricting scripts to be included in the posts.

PS: I hope wordpress includes more 3 column fluid layout. The ones present are okay but the design element is not communicated more creatively in any of them.

Wish you all a merry christmas and a very hapy new year!!

Finally, I would like your opinions on this theme 🙂

Much ado about Blogging

It seems like a year has passes by since I wrote my last post although its only more than a week. I am keeping the policy if “one week one post” solely because I don’t find much time to blog nor read the lethargic amount of information which gets spread out every day on the web. To lessen down the burden of searching for the content about the topics of interest and getting updated I just read the blogs of the topics I choose and to further reduce the amount of time taken to visit each blog I have subscribed to their feeds through my Google Reader. The collection has risen to about 50 feeds! Now that’s one more hectic thing to read the number of pending posts. Each time I login to Google reader I get a 100 new posts screaming to be read. The good thing about the reader is Google has recently introduced the “mark all as read” which earlier had to be done via a greasemonkey script. Now that’s what I call smart reading!!

I wonder if there’s a utility for Microsoft word so that I can directly post from MS word. Blogspot has this utility which worked very smoothly for me and I used to enjoy it since it makes my task easier by posting it to my blog and also saving the copy of my article to my local drive while providing the full features for editing text which isn’t available in wordpress currently.

Groovy with Grails – Java’s fight back to Ruby on Rails

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The pride of Windows desktop – “Bliss” Wallpaper

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