XP Installation – The 34 minute hiccup

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  1. Umang Says:

    Exceptional solution.. This is really worth …

  2. Gordon Mackay Says:

    You sir are an absolute genius πŸ˜€

    Thank you very much.

  3. Paul Says:

    Wonderfull! 2 identical machines, one everything OK, the other one get this erro!

  4. Oasis Says:

    Using this method now.. Currently on 37 minutes Hope it works! Will let you know


  5. Joe K Says:

    Everything was working fine but when i go to open “C:/windows/inf” windows says that “C:/windows/inf” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file…

    is there anything im doing wrong?

    Sorry for the stupid question…


  6. nitinpai Says:

    Hi Joe K,
    Just do a “dir” in the command prompt.. and check whether “windows” and then “inf” directories are present or not..

    eg: C:/windows>dir

    Does your installation hang up at 34 minutes or is it something else?

  7. Joe K Says:


    Umm…I looked through the directory and I didnt see anything but .dll, .exe. and a handful of .ocx extensions…no inf’s anywhere….

    everything is exactly like you said…
    at 34 minutes in hangs. I went into setupapi.log and found the last few lines to contain a inf file that reads as follows…C:\WINDOWS\inf\oem11.inf
    the next line after that starts with “Driver not trusted” , so i figure that must be the culprit.

    so then i go back to command prompt and type C:\WINDOWS\inf and it returns the message “C:/windows/inf is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”

    as a last resort i just type “Del oem11.inf” and cross my fingers…it comes back with the message “could not find C:\WINDOWS\system32\oem11.inf”

    hmm…also…my prompt doesnt look like yours….it doesnt say say C:\Windows> , it says C:\WINDOWS\system32>

    could that have anything to do with it?

    thanks for responding and helping i really appreciate it πŸ™‚

    thanks again

    Joe K

  8. nitinpai Says:

    Hi joe,

    If you done this C:\Windows\system32>C:\Windows\inf

    .. it will try to execute C:\windows\inf as a command and since “path” is not a command it will give out the error which you have seen.

    If your prompt is C:\Windows\system32…then you first have to come out of system32 folder by doing.


    This will make the prompt C:\Windows>

    Then go to the inf folder C:\Windows>cd inf
    which will make the prompt C:\Windows\inf>

    and finally delete the respective inf..
    C:\Windows\inf>del oem11.inf

    Hope this works.. wish you luck πŸ™‚

  9. Kane Says:

    I have the same problem as stated prior, went through the procedure and found the culprit. The issue is with machine.inf… I am hesitant to delete machine.inf, is it ok to do or will it do something very bad to my computer. Also, if I can’t delete it what is the work-around solution. Thanks

  10. nitinpai Says:

    You won’t have problems until and unless the OS is dependent on machine.inf. I don’t have much idea about which particular hardware “machine.inf” is related to but you might as well give it a try..

    However, if you have concerns over deleting it.. just go ahead and rename it and to get it back just go through another OS if you have multiple OS, and rename it back to original once the installation is successfully complete..

  11. joe Says:

    thank you so much! i have been looking for this solution for ever!

  12. Peter Says:

    Magnificent, many thanks.


  13. Edgar Says:

    I have the same problem, deleted machine.inf and it works.
    Thanks πŸ˜‰

  14. Patrick Says:

    At the end of my file, it says ‘Doing full installation of “ISAPNP\..’ and then on with a path.


  15. Dave Says:

    Doesnt work for me.. I replaced my motherboard.. its not failing on any inf files….

    I think the problem is the setup is looking at the old devices that were a part of my old motherboard and is trying to use them for the new motherboard..

    a very messy situation.. I noticed a couple of the issues the setup is having with installation is with things labeled VIA whereas my mobo is now using an Nvida Nforce chipset…

    any other ideas before I bite the bullet and just do a full install (non-repair) over all my precious data?

  16. rahul mainkar Says:

    thats a nice solution dude..

  17. Dirk Says:

    Really appreciate this blog, I thought it would give the solution but I am still struggling. I am doing a clean reinstall of XP Pro on a Lenovo 3000 N100. I continue to be stalled 33 minutes from finish. I have tried to look in setupapi.log but cannot find an error message. Deleting the last *.inf file does not seem to do the trick. I have removed the extra RAM from the laptop nothing else I can remove for now. I am using a SP1 CD which has worked on my other computers. Getting deseperate, any ideas?

  18. nitinpai Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    In order to test whether any particular hardware of yours has gone faulty try installing the Windows 2000 Professional OS on your Lenovo. I had also done this as a test on my machine beacause Windows 2000 OS is a rather a simple executable file whic just loads on your system and dosent actually test the hardware of your system while installation. On my machine Windows 2000 got installed and worked properly without any quirks. This made me realise that XP installation checks for the system’s hardware right during the installation and if it finds any hint of a faulty h/w it gets stalled.

    So I would advise you to try installing Windows 2000 and if that installed and works properly then the 34 minute solution would be applicable but if even 2000 doesn’t work out then there’s some serious problem in your Lenovo, acc to me.

  19. nitinpai Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry for the late response, but I guess the old installation will not work on the new hardware because the drivers would have configured with the old h/w and now are not compatible with your new h/w. So I would suggest to take the backup of your data on some other machine from your hard drive and do a fresh installation on your new system configuration.

  20. Andy Says:

    Wow This is an amazing tip.

    All of Microsofts garbage help on their 34 minute error was useless. This looks like it fixed my problem.

    Damn, I just threw away about 3 hours trying to get this to work.

    Kudos, very much appreciated.

    One thing I did notice is that my screen flashed on and off for a minute or two after the 34 minute point…

    Thanks a lot

  21. Andy Says:


    A little help would be appreciated.

    Everyhting went fine, but now it seems that XP is on a continous restart loop.

    I briefly see the XP load screen, and then my machine just restarts, and continues this process.

    Any ideas guys?

    (BTW – the file I deleted was machine.inf)


  22. nitinpai Says:

    Hi Andy,
    I had faced this restart on boot problem twice , once when my new RAM was faulty and the second time my hard drive had developed some bad sectors. I think the problem might be the same in your case too.
    I would suggest you to try booting your PC with a different RAM and see if it works.
    If this doesnt work then get a floppy drive which has DOS and run a “chkdsk” command to see if any bad sectors are present or not. Or you can also try putting your hard drive in another PC and booting it. If its a bad sector problem then your hard drive ougt to be replaced.

    You can also try out the windows 2000 solution I have told in my comment above.
    Hope this works. πŸ™‚

  23. anshul Says:

    i had the same prob. i deleted machine.inf. then the same problem and this time it was gameport.inf. now when i have deleted that too, there is no inf left in the end but the installation hangs at 34 mins. Now it shows the following lines in the end:

    #-019 Searching for hardware ID(s): lptenum\microsoftrawport958a,microsoftrawport958a
    #-199 Executing “D:\WINDOWS\system32\setup.exe” with command line: setup -newsetup
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV.
    #W059 Selecting best compatible driver failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device.
    #W157 Default installer failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are no compatible drivers for this device.
    #I060 Set selected driver.
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
    #I125 Installing NULL driver for “LPTENUM\MICROSOFTRAWPORT\1&1566ACAD&0&LPT1”.
    #I121 Device install of “LPTENUM\MICROSOFTRAWPORT\1&1566ACAD&0&LPT1” finished successfully.

    After these lines there is nothing. but the installation hangs at 34 mins. PLEASE HELP

  24. CRowe Says:

    I am having this same problem. I have gone as far as to yank all cards from my cpu and even my dvdr. Each time I dont repair, I do a fresh install, formatting my drive each time. Right now I can get to the splash screen (Black sgreen with the windows xp logo and the small scroll bar). Right when this screen comes up the system freezes. All I have connected is my primary HD, CD/RW, and floppy drive. I think I am just past the point of using Shift+F10. Do you have any suggestions?!?

  25. CRowe Says:

    To give a little more info to my previous post, I managed to use recovery console to take a look at the setuplog.txt and the last line reads *path from CDROM*\intl.c,1185,BEGIN_SECTION,Regional Settings Page

    Last line of Setupact.log reads
    C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386\driver.cab was copied to C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\audstub.sys.

    I have run chckdsk and the HD shows no problem.

  26. anshul Says:

    i deleted the runonce.exe file too from the system32 folder. Now the installation goes as far as 18 mins left but freezes on “registering components” part. PLEASE HELP

  27. Keith Says:

    If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?
    Basically I dont see any advantages to using linux over windows xp, Im dual booting windows
    and ubuntu. Ubuntu is nice and all but I dont see anything that would make me prefer it
    over windows.The only thing i have been using ubuntu for is web browsing playing
    music/movies (cant play games) which I can do better/hassle free in windows.
    So what are the advantages of l using linux over xp?

  28. PWM Says:

    Great solution. What a ledgend! πŸ™‚

  29. Andy Says:

    Hi Thanks alot for this blog.

    The last few lines in my setupapi.log included mshdc.inf I deleted this file as per instructions and tired to continue the setup. My system froze again and the next time through the log containted as the end

    [no drv] in c:\windows\inf\machine.inf

    ill try deleting machine.inf also but……

    The reason I initially reinstalled xp is because my computer was freezing in windows and also on start up. I could boot windows in safe mode and even used knoppix to burn dvds to back up my hard drive before attempting the re-install. This makes me think the hard drive is ok. is mshdc.inf a hard drive problem? Im waiting for my system recovery cd which is about 10 days away will that help?


  30. Andy Says:

    with dreams of using my machine again I watched the progress bar go forawrd further than before in the 34 minute zone, then it froze again I deleted the machine.inf and this time the log is saying

    selecting best compatible driver failed error 0ex0000228 there are no compatible drivers for……
    set selected driver
    device install function: dif_installdevice
    installing NULL driver for “PCIIDE\IDECHANNEL\4&3C03876&0&1”

    Does this mean the setup cannot proceed without the device I am trying to skip??

    Thanks for the help

  31. Tom Says:

    This worked a treat. Turned out it was the wave.inf which i think does the sound, etc. This was my 3rd night of trying to fix this, and then i found this solution…..was almost at the point of tossing the lappie out the window


  32. robert Says:

    I’m having a very similar problem. I repaired, and now upon Installing Devices the setup program just slows way down. To like 1 driver every 15-30 minutes. I have taken out all the unneeded parts in my comp. Tried to find failsafe options for my BIOS, to no avail. I’m stuck, I kinda need to preserve my data but I haven’t had much luck with upgrades, not repairs. To anyone reading this, DO NOT DELETE MACHINE.INF. Its used for the ACPI stuff, and your bridge hardware. I deleted it and it sent my comp into the BSOD reset loop.
    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance,

  33. Alex Says:

    Wow, thanx. I love you. Kidding. Anyways, thanx for the tremendous help you gave. It helped a lot more than the solution on the KB on Microsoft’s web site. You can believe how much time this saved me.

  34. Dave Says:

    Same prob as you Andy, i need help too!

  35. Christina Says:

    Mine hangs at 33 minutes – apparently that is past hardware detection. The last line in the file is:
    class installer failed: an exisiting device was found that is a duplicate of of the device being manually installed.

    Any ideas?


  36. David Says:

    You are a genius! I have struggled with this issue for 3 weeks on a new PC build for a friend. I had tried everything. Followed this to the letter and bingo – fully functional XP Pro SP2. You are Gold! Thank you and more. David.

  37. nitinpai Says:

    Hi guys,

    I was kinda busy in my work and did not pay much attention to my blog. But I did check the mails pouring into my inbox on this installation issue via the comments you all have put in.

    Thanks for all your compliments and cheers to all those who could finally get XP installed on their system. As for the rest, I know, its pretty frustrating when you dont get solutions easily. But I can only say that I am not an expert in this field. I managed to solve my problem in the manner which I have put up in this post. With regards to all the other issues I am really sorry that I have no idea on how to cope with them. So I guess you would have to reluctantly go to some other place which can offer some expert advice. All I can do now is wish you all the best.

    And yes.. thanks for the tremendous response. Its definitely overwhelming and motivating!!!

  38. Dave Says:

    Just had the “34th minute” issue. The way I resolved this was by pressing F8 just before windows started loading, selected debugging mode. The repair then continued, after throwing up some errors regarding my audio drivers. Hope this is helpful.

  39. uakiki Says:

    I confirm that pressing F8 and selecting “Debug mode” solves the problem of “slow installation” (i.e installation doesn’t hang up but keeps going very slowly and you can see this by viewing setupapi.log file as reported by Robert).
    I think that this can solve the problem even for those who had to delete some *.inf file, without deleting any file.

    Thanks Deve! πŸ™‚

  40. Robert Says:

    My XP PC Pro SP 1 Install is stuck at 39 Minutes, so I’m not sure it the issue is the same, as I do not have (yet?) a setupapi.log in the C:\Windows dir

    I had an issue that I could NOT open these files as they were in use! However I found this on http://www.alegsa.com and it worked wonderfully to reveal the files by copying them:

    “I think you can use the TYPE command but a better approach, if your system has a floppy drive, would be to use the COPY command. For example, from the prompt enter the following:

    cd Windows
    copy setuperr.log A:\
    copy pnplog.txt A:\
    copy setupapi.log A:\
    copy setupact.log A:\

    You can now use another computer to open these files in

    Good luck Nepatsfan”

    NOTE: my files were named setupact.log setuperr.log & setuplog.txt Those didn’t help to reveal the inf issue so I copied almost everything else, to no avail. I guess all that’s left it to delete .inf files until the boot continues.

    This is a nice way to back up what you are deleting too, so it can be replaced.

    Thanks All, still searching for a solution, Robert

  41. Adrian Says:

    Mine has this issue but after following the instructions and deleating volume.inf i still have the problem, now when i check the setup log it says no drivers are available for this.

    So where do i go from here?
    My pc is still stuck at 34mins remaining and even after a format and try a clean install it does the same.

  42. Michael Says:

    I turn on my Pc, and it gets to the load screen, then it loads for ages and it basically just restarts, no warning. then i can get to the screen where it asks you to go to safe mode or start windows normally, but if i choose start windows normally it loads and restarts once more, i can get onto safe mode but i dont know what to do when im there. PLEASE HELP

  43. Aaron Says:

    I have done everything that Joe K has done so far, but when I try to delete the file, it says, “Access is denied.”

    Is there any way to get past this problem?

  44. Kevin Says:

    This was similar to the situation I was in prior to repairing my Windows install. I searched for blue screen loading xp in google to find articles that gave a list of steps (this is vecause a blue screen flashes by before restarting). I couldnt even get safe mode going so I had a different fix, but the following seems to be a good fix from safe mode: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1647&page=4

  45. Mick J Says:

    How many infs can I delete to get moving forward, deleted machine inf no change I have volume inf near end of scroll down But I do think your replies are brilliant to a novice and understandable Many Thanks

  46. Robert Says:

    Ok I discovered the solution & this should help more people as I string together clues all over the internet, because I have never had so many issues with one install.

    Solution I tried & worked:
    – Disconnect all PCI Items (soundcard, network, etc)
    – simplify Ram to 1 stick in slot 1
    – disconnect extra hard drives etc

    Other possible solutions found Online that I did not try
    – Flash Bios with update
    – install a new hard drive for Windows Operating System

    Well this worked beautifully, however oddly enough the install hung up at 34 Minutes! it was flpydisk.inf and thanks to Nitinpai’s original solution, I was able to deal with that.

    Now the reason removing things worked was that my second HARD DRIVE was gone and the cause of all my problems, and >>>>> WHY MY OPERATING SYSTEM DID NOT START in the first place & WHY WINDOWS DID NOT BOOT (old install & new)

    That is the second Maxtor Hard drive I lost this Christmas, I was warned to only use Western Digital, and all those are still working, even the very old ones. I will never use Maxtor Hard Drives again! So beware that the cheaper bigger drive (including Seagate made by the same company) may cost you much more in the end.

    Another thing, Windows XP examines & installs all those extra things you have hooked up, and when I put in the fancy Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop Adapter after installing Windows XP Pro, Explorer locked up. This MAY have been from hooking up the bad Hard Drive, however was simply fixed by putting in an older stock network card.

    TO Review: If your system does not start, disconnect all extras (listed above) before you reinstall Windows. If Windows does not install, disconnect all extras as listed above. I hope this solves your problems out there, and saves you from the awful week I went through (that may have been solved by disconnecting things systematically to discover that a bad Hard Drive was the root of the problem in the first place)

    Happy booting, installing & computing!

  47. Mick J Says:

    Can I delete usbports.inf??????????????

  48. Mick J Says:

    Last message on notepad reads Selecting best compatible driver failed. Default Installer failed Error Oxe 0000228 There are no compatible drivers for the device, any help on this one, as above I have removed all and sundry to give it bare bones Thanks Robert for advice

  49. Tom Bennett Says:


    I’ve been trying to sort this problem out for a year now and have just found your fix, it worked! The problem seems to be with my soundblaster card.

    Thanks for a simple fix.


  50. kate Says:

    hi – absolutely brilliant advice, deleted msports.inf – i’ve got it down now to 22 mins – it’s stopped again because its saying it cannot cdopy the file iexplore.ex…what do i do now?

  51. kate Says:

    just gone into the c drive and doing it that way…

  52. akby Says:

    Excellent advice, deleted machine.inf and after that the installation continued. I had to change to a different motherboard after a minor disaster, and wanted to just repair XP instead of doing a clean install.

    Many thanks.

  53. roland Says:

    thank you
    the solution of inspecting the setupapi file and then removing the inf – in this case for a Broadcom gigabyte did the trick

  54. abhishek Says:

    hello guys,

    i have a lenovo n 100 laptop…i got into a serious problem i tried installing xp pro by partition magic and after installition i cannot use my lenovo care button the thinkadvantage screen is not poping up and i tried installing sound driver on xp pro but it fails some how it has a soundmax chipset

    please help…


  55. vipul Says:

    Hello Nitin bhau, Cant seem to figure out how to go to Dos prompt by shift + F 10. It asks me to insert the XP CD with option of OK and cancel. Please help

  56. Jim Says:

    I had the same problem. Registering Components hangs at 13 minutes. I installed an Ataptech Scusi card and 4gig drive.
    The pc is an old HP 8750C.
    I first set it up to format the drive for FAT-32. I went back and re formated the drive to NTFS. Setup went through without any issues. Can’t explain why but it worked.

  57. Dave Says:

    Fantastic advice! I struggled with this problem for a couple days after trashing my boot playing with a Live Linux. Tried to reinstall XP and it kept hanging. I used your fix and got a little further on the first try. Had to do delete another inf on the next try. It got past 34 then hung again. Restarted installation and it took over night to complete, but now I have all applications back and working great.
    Thanks again! Too bad M$ doesn’t read your blog….

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  59. Hector Says:

    This solution worked for me:

    After hanged on “34 minutes” rebooted, before loading windows press F8, then select “debugging”, and now is moving forward, so far i have 19 minutes left.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  60. DogBit Says:

    I have the hang at 34 min also and I have the same issue as (Joe K Says:October 30th, 2006 at 7:48 am) has. My prompt looks like this:
    and I have tried as you said to enter: C:\Windows\system32>cd..
    using the ( .. ) and not using the ( .. ) ie: C:\Windows\system32>cd
    and I get the message: “is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” I have also tried the
    but as I can’t seem to get the
    to go to
    I still can’t get to the last listed .inf in the setupapi.log
    FYI: I could not get to the setupapi.log with your command of C:/Windows and type setupapi.log, so I just added the setupapi.log after the prompt I have, as in:
    This gave me access to the log and I have for the last listing for an .inf of the video card. It reads as:
    c:\windows\inf\atimpab. inf
    If that is of any help. Thanks for anything you can offer.

  61. ka1sar Says:

    Cheers your a star, worked first time, anybody else reads this don’t delete machine.inf THNXS again

  62. Reweb Says:


    I am in the exact spot as dogbit. I must have the same video card because I have the same bad file…atimpab. inf

    I cannot get to it to delete because the cd.. command will not get me out of system 32 just like dogbit! Please help…I’m soooo close…I think? Why can I not get to the C:\ prompt? Thanks for any help…

  63. nitinpai Says:

    hi dogbit and reweb,

    maybe you are not using the DOS commands properly.
    please refer the DOS command usage in this link..

    wish you luck!

  64. Reweb Says:

    Hello again…Yes I was having a problem with DOS. CD..did not work but CD\ did for some reason. I was able to delete the file and windows xp did load! Thanks a bunch for the great tip! It saved another computer. By the way, I did try the ” press F8 + debugg” deal mentioned above and it did not help me. Thanks again!

  65. danny Says:

    my xp will start to install but does not change from 39 minutes left? i have a dell inspiron 7000

  66. frady Says:

    hi nitin,
    i am a dell tech and as i performed the steps you mentioned to go past 34 min on two computers both of them went past thru 34min after deleting .inf files…but sadly stuck at 8min and the other on language options….so ill try this step a last time and see if it is reliable.
    anywayz ur GR8!!!

  67. Wes_P Says:

    Before I found this page I removed all peripherals and extras and install loaded to dialog, but then I have no input devices! Once I plug the keyboard or mouse in (have both in usb and [old school interface] varieties) install hangs.

    Log reads mshdc.inf first, I delete it and reboot, hangs, log reads no compat device driver found. New harddrive, expect same mshdc.inf line, but this time around it is machine.inf, which I left. Change AGP to PCI video and receive “device not ready” pop up error message. Change back to AGP and get the message again.

    I’m trying to setup WMC on a old pc and use it as a media center, but I will be watching no media anytime soon it seems.

  68. amy Says:

    my pc comes up with a black screen and says start windows normally i have clicked all of them and it just keeps restarting itself i cant even get to the welcome screen please help me thanks

  69. Alan Says:

    I have a simple method of fixing this problem.

    1) Unplug everything except of the keyboard
    2)Restart Computer
    3) press Delete right after restart to take you to setup window.
    4)Change your primary boot drive to the CD drive your using for the installation.
    5)Restart computer and run the setup again (it should go smoothely granted that the USB devices are unplugged).

    After lots of greif and confusion this is what worked for me!

    I hope it helps someone else!

  70. Fairuz Talib Says:

    I had this problem while I was trying to install Windows XP Home with SP1 on my friend’s Dell PC. First I thought it was a problem with his hard disk, coz earlier I had trouble copying files my his hard disk to my pc. So i told him to buy a new hard disk.

    Yesterday I tried the new hard disk, and surprisingly the same problem happened. I was about to return the pc to him, when I read somewhere that an USB mouse might cause the problem. So I plugged out my Microsoft USB optical mouse, and replaced it with a cheapo usb optical mouse… I rebooted the pc again, and now everything is working fine.

  71. Fairuz Talib Says:

    Referring to my previous comment, it’s not Microsoft mouse… actually it’s Dell’s mouse.

  72. Dee Says:

    Hi, I am still having a problem with the 34 min thing! I can not get into the inf file to delete the problem, it is the same problem stated by a few other people. atimpab.inf. My screen will only show C:\> I can not get rid of > and that seems to be causing a problem. I can pull notepad up but I can not delete the file from notepad. Is there any other option for getting into the inf folder. This is an auto promt that comes up C:\> (then I typed in WINDOWS\inf after the >) Thanks for all the other posts…I have tried everything…debugging did not work either, disabling everything did not help either.


  73. RED Says:

    Best fix. Thanks. Tried dozens of solutions. This one works!!!!


  74. Chris Says:

    my culprit was oem0.inf, oddly it wouldn’t allow me access to delete it but has miraculously moved on with the install process. not sure how or why, but thanks for this solution as it kept me sane through the issue.

  75. Mike Says:

    Hey guys, I had the same problem once at 34 min with machine.inf, and once at 32 min with my wireless card. For the machine.inf try leaving it to think overnight, it worked for me. However the 32 min error was frozen completely, which sent me looking for this site.

  76. evrim Says:

    thanks a lot!!! i finally solved 34 minute problem…

  77. gratzc Says:

    THANK YOU. That has been a problem I have run into many times and have had to format to fix it, but now i can just use your solution. This is a gem. I had been working on a pc, hoping not to format, for 5 hours when i finally came across this solution. WOW, thanks again.

  78. litewavve Says:

    I got stuck at 34 minutes too.

    The F8-debugging works for me. I think it was due to ATI driver issue. Thanks for the help I got from this page. The information is very valuable.

  79. Matt Says:

    YOU ARE THE MAN, THANKS SO MUCH. I was about to throw the computer out the window until I read this. Thanks nitinpai

  80. donji Says:

    had to delete 4 “infs” including machine .inf over 4 reboots >>>works great now!!!

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