Engineered to perfection

Highs and lows, throughout the 4 years, taking many blows, riding over the flows, now my career glows…
I can feel the freedom from the life of a student and the arrival of the life of maturity, independence and a sense of security; for my results got declared yesterday on the internet and to my shock or still better a shocking surprise the result stated aloud “you passes with a distinction. congratulations!”. Boy O Boy, was this for real, i am not gonna believe untill i see the picture clear on Monday at my college. Just cant wait more to drop those dreaded reigns of assignments, file completion, namesake expertimentions and freaking days during exams. I am proud to have atleast the single distinction in all of these 8 semesters and man! do i feel of fresh air flowing amidst the gardens of practicality, commercialism and a reason to put your efforts to where they belong.I dont want to waste my life just running the corners of colleges. Rather i would struggle down the path to make a glorious career out of labourious work , not just sitting down sipping the juices sqeezed from others sweat. I want to taste the success lying in my blood may be it bitter or sweet. I feel the anxiety disappear from my brow as i follow the path to conquer and rise and excel over the ones who have already tread on those lines…

I Bid Adieu to u, my fella engineering…u have given me a time of my life…even if a roller coaster of emotions u spread in me …ill remember how i felt the torments u threw at me..the angst u pushed in me….the hatred u caused in me..i know this wont happen to me in future…but for the future u have given me this way through a pleasant surprise..i will never forget this saga ..the trials n tribulations that u put me thru…he way u made better individual out of myself…in maturity and sense alike…for all the pains and the gains rising from putting a challenge to them…for all those friends who stood by me when i encountered u..i think ill miss ya bad !!

Adios Amigo my dear ! Hope your companionship will make me rise and shine forever ……………………


Renovation is the key to success

I am creating the first entry of my self designed blog and the the whole lot of excitement creeping up my body for my first original innovative style of designed site is evaporating my sleep into thin air. Gosh! its 3 am already and i am not getting a slow wink in my eye. My excitement vested in my interests doesn’t seem to let me think about anything other than my work. I have to say to myself “Good keep it up but boy don’t make this a habit or your dreams will be short-lived”. Mama! please scold me for doing this to myself but I don’t know what to say its all up my shoulders and over my neck creeping over to my head slowly. I am drowwwwwwwwwwning …glug ..glug. ..Gulp!!!

Me against Myself

Elementary philosophies i may seem to doctor to my conditions and dish out some few morals which seem to fit in the way i presume to live amonngst the people i wish to fulfill my desires in my quest to make the most of the very seemingly difficult constraints in this very life and i dont wish any quads of my strength to become feeble to lower down the enormity of my ambitions and mingle amongst those who just think that life is a bed of roses and the thorns that they would succumb if need be without putting up a battle and having a victory amidst those who have already traversed a path which seems similar to my array of thoughts which dont give a damn to dismantle themselves in the ocean of disbeliefs. Amen !

Caught up in the act

Well Ive been quite busy for some time concerning my quest to get a hands on with 3D MAX for digital imaging and animation for the aftermath. Well this blog seems to have missed me much just giving it a refill this month since i am not sure about my next re entry in this dimension. So bloggers, if you wanna hook up with my progress , keep a check on this sapce .
Tell then Nitin says Bon Jour