Silence of the lambs

It was a movie! Yea, but this post is not its review. The title should have been silence of the blog rather!I am not sure if you have noticed something horrifying going on in this blog. No Posts for the last entire month! I am writing the posts but I am not posting them here.

Have I gone insane?
Probably not; because its sort of the plan you see :D. I am gearing up myself for the new site I am thinking for the last 2 months to jump on to. The plans are getting more strong day by day and I would continue blogging from a new place. All my written posts for this month are still waiting to see the light of the day. They are lying dormant on my hard drive and once I acquire a new domain you will be seeing a flurry of posts in a miniscule of time.

Hope you all wait until that moment.


“Bid Adeiu”

Finally the time has arrived for a eye watering farewell to my dear web site which was gifted to me a year. The time had started to tick by as I had received a mail in my gmail account stating for a renewal for the domain for $7.50. I had in mind untill some months ago to renew the registration but as I got introduced to my thoughts were never the same. I got addicted to wordpress that I stopped blogging at my 2 year old blog at . The managment dashboard, the importing of my old posts, the themes, the page sections, the categories provided by wordpress is everything I ever wanted to have and the experience made me to forget my own site where I used to put in the updates in my life and my learnings. But as I dont it too much, I am thinking of not renewing it and the date of expiry is November 20, 2006 on which all the contents in my web site would vanish and people who had bookmarked it would only be able to find it in the Google server’s cache. It was the one thing which had marked my presence on the web and in my workplace, but now with wordpress I have marker presence all over the world as I daily get some or the other responses. Its the best I must say and for my dying site its “So long”!!!

PC Woes

Mayhem has struck once again and my PC is suffering the wrath of it. From the past 2 weeks I have tried umpteenth times to get its health restored to normal but all the efforts have gone down the drains. Time’s wasting and I am gasping for some breath as I format it now frequently hoping some miracle would do the trick. I was lucky enough to get all the data backup by installing Windows 2000 Professional (only this version gets installed properly). I still havent able to find the cure for the notorious 34 minute freezing problem while installing Windows XP professional. It perfectly hangs up everytime showing up 34 minuted remaining even though I have formatted my PC numerous times both with NTFS and FAT but no success. Some material on the inernet says that its the cause for a hardware fault but no particulars as to which. My only hope stays in getting it installed at some other location which is healthy and then try running in my system. I hope Intel installation works on my AMD Athlon or else it resounds doom for me. Mayday!!!

Downfall of Temptations

I was searching for some extensions and plugins on and found some of them irresistable. Without any second thought installed them and gave my firefox a restart. One of the plugin was IE tab in firefox which enabled a developer to view a link in IE as a tab embedded in Firefox. As i restarted my firefox a pop up said “IE tab extension installed. Please restart your firefox”. That was it!!
I never could start my firefox again and to my horror all my bookmarks and RSS feeds were still lying in it. The only worse option i had was to reinstall firefox with a slight hint of hope that at least the bookmarks would not get removed. But to my utter dissapointment it gave the same popup even on a reinstall.
Finally I had to delete manually all the data from my %APPDATA% related to firefox and that was the end of them. So much to my temptations!!