B.E. Trauma

I think Im getting a hangover on the subjects of BE. My dreams are filled with completing reading then entire syllabus though it doesnt show up in reality. 😦 . And my talks are also comprised of enginneering jargons. Just a few days i thought of writing a poem and to my shock or surprise i came up with the below stuff…… Read on!!

Distributed Love

I was the client to her soul she was the server of my heart,

we had overflown the buffer of our love though had a false start,

seemingly endless was the way we shared our memories,

surely our distributed thoughts now had no redundancies,

my feelings started to get encrypted by her mysterious signs,

i couldnt compress any more of them, i had tried many times,

i became the object of her desire so much that i lost my stature,

she considered me as the key to her digital signature,

the nodes of my heart wihtout her, felt lifeless ,

which scared me like i felt i had lost her access,

no viruses, no worms, can now cut us apart like a sword,

ill protect her like a firewall, love forms my password,

in any way i dont wanna lose her so as to have a restart,

i shall always be there for her, till deadlocks do us part!!

Feel its humorous?? but i think not …i think my brain neurons are getting corrupted…n i hope they dont get crashed…..oops….here i go again!


Launch of BFGWorld

I always had the idea of making a site only for works on graphics when I had started to get acquainted with Photoshop 7. The site took shape a year later but due to the heaviness of the site which was made entirely in Photoshop everyone refrained from accessing it. Well it still lies dormant at www.geocities.com/bfg_world. Fast Forward to 2005…here I am now tryin my hands on some serious 3D stuff…n I had the privilege to make some good work out of it right during my exam time. So it was time for me to display my assets to the world. But I didn’t have enough time to build a good looking site for posting the works n then I thought of making it accessible thru a blog which would entail me to receive some comments if anybody thought of putting in anytime.
So finally the long awaited dream had come to life in the form of http://www.bfgworld.tk/ and Im relieved! Hope I get the same feeling after the exams 🙂


I am really scared as earlier i have never been. Though the last semester..just litle barrier to jump over to freedom i feel like climbing a wall without a ladder. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the papers wont be so tough enough. I hope it doesnt gimme a nightmare!

The Third Dimension

My head has been filled with the imaginations of making some astounding 3D effects in pictures or animations as i have witnessed the artifacts of the millions of master artists on numerous websites. Man ..Hats off to them for their remarkable efforts and impecable imaginations..I am trying a feeble attempt to follow their footsteps but have crashed in between several times before even having a good start at some of the 3D rendering softwares. I had tried programming 3D renders with Pov-Ray earlier but laziness took toll into leaving the software as it is on my hard-disk. My attempts have been largely to get a nice simple s/w which does not involve much complexities as the one i have been facing in 3Ds MAX6. Woo boy! it sgoing bouncers for me to learn it. Cinema 4D is simple enough than 3Ds but still i am not going skin deep in it. I dont have that much patience to start learning from the basics. I just love to jump on the very last of the tutorials to see upo what extent the software can help me in rendering an amazing artifact. I was thouroughlt impressed while working on Xara 3D and the way the simplicity was maintained in it ..more to add the user made design done in Xara X. Two more s/w have found my attention which are looking quite simple enough, one is Swift 3D and another is Strata 3D CX which are amazing when you look at the Flash trailors on their official websites. I have recently worked on them and found quite good enough.But the problem lies in gettiing these s/w’s crakced as they are new in the market the cracks arent available n i am not keep to spend either to buy them. The only open sourced freeware i found with user interactivity like the rest of them is Blender 3D but due to the configurations required for it by compiling the scripts made in Python i have kept myself away from its usage. I tried to download Lightwave 3D and ZBrush dues to its extreme brushing effects but they require a gruelling procedues of registering on their sites. So i am still in search of a simple s/w since my plan is to get into the third dimension atleat before my sem exam gets over. Lets see if i get my hands atleast on one of them.

Style Smile

I feel so relaxed after m vivas are over that i fear enjoying myself to the extents of not opening those books again.I feel like my BE is over. Well for some days i will have to overcome this feeling coz its too dangerous for me. I just revamped the look of my darling..i mean my PC ..studded with new themes wiht this new s/w i got called STYLEXP.Anybody reading this should n must try it out (XP users) .Its gorgeous and a hell lot of themes to look out for rather than exasperating your breath over the resource hungry PLUS! themes for XP. It will just overwhelm you wiht its graphics qality in Bowling Alley games but the themes are just as the older styles of XP. But style XP rocks! do try it out.

Click the link to get the lastest version of style XP ansd check for the smile it gives to your face http://www.tgtsoft.com/downloads/StyleXPInstallMale.zip

Bigger the Better?

Finally today was the D day. I mean the final day of my viva n to top it was the day of my project presentation. Srinivas, Thomson, Vishal (my project partners) and I were in full zest to give our best and leave the rest to the examiner. We had waited for his moment from the last one year and all had contributed whatever they could to make this project a success. Our project was popular in my class since we had actually done 2 in place of 1 final year project due to some circumstances but we managed to complete both in the nick of time and to present in an organized manner so much to impress the examiner was my dream. I wanted to be rated amongst the best. Well the presentations turned out to be smooth enough to my relief and everybody showed up with enough enthusiasm which made the examiner impressed which I am sure she was when I heard her saying “It’s a very good project” and the way she was being involved to know more about it and ask about how it could be done more better. But it was frustration time for my colleagues who were waiting for their presentations outside as our presentation took a humungous 1 and half hour to get completed and the time given for a presentation was only half an hour. The only thing which made it look pale to me was the absence of our dear Save Ma’am who was our internal examiner, internal project guide and HOD and my favorite professor. I was really awaiting her presence during the demo to show that we stood to her expectations. This was the biggest of the final year projects she would have seen but due to some problems she couldn’t just make up for it.

Anyways no complaints, no regrets, no frets. Just I am keeping my fingers crossed to see what marks we would be getting for our efforts. As they say the bigger the better… size does matter, but what about the prize?