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  1. Sandeep Says:

    Hi Nitin…

    Like your blogs…….just came accross your pages and went through some of them……just thought of asking what do you think about a concept…i came accross after talking to my friend regarding group social networking…he inspired me to start a concept in India with him…and then we decided to create a profile on worldpress to refine the idea and have feedback from the most experience people in the web industry…

    please give your thoughts on it….the site will be called…i have published a detailed information on it…
    thanks, regards…


  2. manzer Says:

    tell me ur number and address and mail address.

  3. nitinpai Says:

    please look in the mentioned link

  4. Mehdi Says:

    I couldn’t find nice wallpapers, but through google image I found your blog and I really enjoyed your wallpapers, they are fantastic, thanks dude and best wishes 4 u…

  5. gina Says:

    sorry, quick note – had XP Installation – The 34 minute hiccup issue, was losing patience, read your inf idea and realised disabling all onboard (sound, lan etc) might work – it did!! i have an asus p5b deluxe

    try that first, in the bios

  6. gina Says:

    duh, forgot to add – enable the onboard stuff when xp loaded properly & load your own drivers (update often & backup)

  7. Gabriel Says:

    This may sound stupid cause i saw your blog on it and read threw most of it, but its a excessivily long page to read. Anyway, to make it simple, I recently tried to install Windows XP sp3 since i wanted to reformat my whole system. Now, when i get to the comand prompt cause im stuck in the 33 minute hickup (i would imagine since i cant get passed 33 minutes) so, i checked on the setupapi.log on C:\windows\system32>setupapi.log and looked for the most recent .inf file. After i found it ( msport.inf fyi ) i tried to just go into C:\windows\inf > > > So since i was in System32. i did C:\windows\system32>cd in order to leave it, but it wont let me leave. and if i just type C:\windows\system32>del msports.inf it wont work cause im guessing since the inf folder isn’t in system32. so if you know what the hell is wrong with it, just get back to me at ASAP please cause i really need to get this stupid piece of shit to work!

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Philip johnson Says:



    How are you today? You may not understand why this mail came to you.We have been having series of meeting for the passed 7 months which ended 2 days ago with the then secretary to the UNITED NATIONS.

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    Person to Contact: Mr.Jacob Moris.

    Mr.Philip Johnson.
    United Nation Representive Office London UK.

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