Silence of the lambs

It was a movie! Yea, but this post is not its review. The title should have been silence of the blog rather!I am not sure if you have noticed something horrifying going on in this blog. No Posts for the last entire month! I am writing the posts but I am not posting them here.

Have I gone insane?
Probably not; because its sort of the plan you see :D. I am gearing up myself for the new site I am thinking for the last 2 months to jump on to. The plans are getting more strong day by day and I would continue blogging from a new place. All my written posts for this month are still waiting to see the light of the day. They are lying dormant on my hard drive and once I acquire a new domain you will be seeing a flurry of posts in a miniscule of time.

Hope you all wait until that moment.