Snap Preview in WordPress Blogs

It was not a few days ago I witnessed this thing called snap preview in some websites while surfing. In the first instance I felt it was a cool concept since the preview showed up the snapshot of the actual site to which a hyperlink was pointing to. Only a mouse hover would be enough to see how the site is. I thought for a moment “Now, that’s something cool”.I thought I should try this little cool stuff in my blog. But hey, wordpress already has enabled it in my blog!

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First WordPress, now Blogger – blogging gets personal

The days of the bloggers have now started to bloom. Day after day blogging is becoming as the faster and more interactive mechanism to put updated information to the web. Now people across the globe seek constantly updated information from the bloggers blogs than resorting to websites or reading magazines. This has in turn provided an incentive to the bloggers themselves as an added advantage. This not only gives continuous feedbacks from the readers but also helps them earn their living solely by the blogs themselves. Yet another advantage is that organizations come forward to the bloggers to get their products reviewed and evaluated or in terms of sponsoring the blogging activity. You may be well aware of Microsoft’s strategy of giving away free Acer Ferrari Vista powered laptops to the popular well known tech bloggers to evaluate their latest offering – Vista. There has been much hue and cry about the ethics of the bloggers opinions after this but the fact remains that blogging has taken a high leap.

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All in One Bookmarklet with a reusable javascript function

This bookmarklet is not for meant to bookmark the post’s on other’s blogs into your bookmarks account but it is for other’s to bookmark your post into their bookmarks account. Doesn’t that sound pretty exciting !!

This bookmarklet has been designed in such a manner that it can used for any blog aggregator or a bookmarks account and I have made a javascript function which can be reused if you want a bookmarking site which is not yet supported in this bookmarklet. I have managed it to support for 20 bookmark accounts till now. These include, digg, reddit, furl, google bookmarks, yahoo! myWeb, spurl, blinklist, newsvine, netscape, technorati, simpy, netvouz, rawsugar, blinkbits, ma.gnolia, blogmarks, feedmelinks, wists and shadows.

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Bookmarklet Combo – and Digg

I have designed a bookmarklet combo for those having and digg accounts and want readers of their blogs to easily post the liked articles into their respective and digg accounts. It was a result of my necessity though !! This bookmarklet is unique in comparison to the ones which you must have come accross somewhere else on the net. It is immensely useful for those having free blog accounts like me with any blog provider and do not have the privelige to access the server side widgets or scripts.

Advantages :

  1. It simultaneously generates links for both and digg accounts
  2. The links have the and digg icons already embedded
  3. Gives a prompt for easy copy pasting the links in your posts

Creating the bookmarklet:

  1. In Firefox enable the bookmarks toolbar, if you haven’t, through view > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar
  2. In the bookmarks toolbar right click and select “new bookmark
  3. Copy the entire text from here in the “location” field and type “del+digg” in the “name” field. Hit “OK“. Your bookmarklet is now ready to be used.

Using the bookmarklet :

  1. Write a blog post and publish it (You have to first publish before using the bookmarklet)
  2. Visit your post through the permalink provided for it.
  3. Now click on the bookmarklet and copy the text from the prompt to your clipboard
  4. Edit the post
  5. Now simply paste the copied text in the HTML view for the post content at the end.
  6. Save the changes made and you are done.

I have done the same steps as above for this post and you can the see the results here below. So now you can bookmark my post to your accounts or digg them right through this blog.
Happy digging !! | digg it