New look for the new year

WordPress has included this theme which you are currently seeing in my blog. This theme was designed for Drupal, which is a content management system. I had worked on drupal a couple of months ago and had liked the themes of drupal, hence could not resist trying it in my wordpress blog. I think it looks fabulous especially the part of the header where the gradient gets a slight burn towards the bottom and the post banner sticking out in the header. Wonderful simplistic design, i must say. I am thinking of purchsing a domain just for the sake of tweaking the CSS and to make my own themes because this free hosted version of wordpress has had my hands tied alongwith restricting scripts to be included in the posts.

PS: I hope wordpress includes more 3 column fluid layout. The ones present are okay but the design element is not communicated more creatively in any of them.

Wish you all a merry christmas and a very hapy new year!!

Finally, I would like your opinions on this theme 🙂


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