Ever seen Apache Tomcat alive?

The world is a pretty funny place to live in and day by day it becomes even more funnier. Who could have ever imagined that a day we would get to see Tomcat come alive.

Well its quite an irony to say that our good ol’ server came to life. For the non concerned it was here and very much alive indeed ! Now, don’t fret at what am I saying. Its’ all over the papers about the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and the newly formed acronym “TomKat” šŸ˜€

Amazing I would say, I have been enlightened somewhat by TomKat as I am seeing it alive in its humane form and as I work on it daily I see the holy interaction by which I get connected to Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes.

I was imagining the future of TomKat, the child they have brought together in this little world. Of course they have named the child but what if another child sees its day tomorrow. It could be a boy, it could be a girl.

If the child would be a boy I would suggest a name…. “Apache“, which seems very macho to me. So in short, it would be the birth of Apache Tomkat. Only if “Mr. Tom Cruise” would have been “Mr. Tom Server”, it would have been much prettier to see Apache Tomkat Server come alive, my most loved one!!

It would have been a family that would have lived happily ever after in their home sweet home. Guess what would you would have read on the sign board of their home?

But hey, it could have been a baby girl and so the name would have to be somewhat cheesy and cute and more likeable, let’s say umm… something like.. yess.. Catalina. (Katie and Catalina go in rythm, don’t you think so?). And when she would grow up, daddy dearest would have bought her another home sweet home… CATALINA_HOME (no guesses for that, whatsoever).

Phew! what a wonderful world this is and it gets more wonderful when you see the abstract things which you sometimes fury upon shape up in reality. That reminds me of an old joke I have heard when I was a kid.

Why didn’t Brooke Shield wasn’t willing to marry Mr. James Bond?
Because she didn’t like the feeling of being called Ms. Brooke Bond. šŸ˜€

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One Response to “Ever seen Apache Tomcat alive?”

  1. rahul mainkar Says:

    Mann… your site is too cool….
    I got inspired man…

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