Bookmarklet Combo – and Digg

I have designed a bookmarklet combo for those having and digg accounts and want readers of their blogs to easily post the liked articles into their respective and digg accounts. It was a result of my necessity though !! This bookmarklet is unique in comparison to the ones which you must have come accross somewhere else on the net. It is immensely useful for those having free blog accounts like me with any blog provider and do not have the privelige to access the server side widgets or scripts.

Advantages :

  1. It simultaneously generates links for both and digg accounts
  2. The links have the and digg icons already embedded
  3. Gives a prompt for easy copy pasting the links in your posts

Creating the bookmarklet:

  1. In Firefox enable the bookmarks toolbar, if you haven’t, through view > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar
  2. In the bookmarks toolbar right click and select “new bookmark
  3. Copy the entire text from here in the “location” field and type “del+digg” in the “name” field. Hit “OK“. Your bookmarklet is now ready to be used.

Using the bookmarklet :

  1. Write a blog post and publish it (You have to first publish before using the bookmarklet)
  2. Visit your post through the permalink provided for it.
  3. Now click on the bookmarklet and copy the text from the prompt to your clipboard
  4. Edit the post
  5. Now simply paste the copied text in the HTML view for the post content at the end.
  6. Save the changes made and you are done.

I have done the same steps as above for this post and you can the see the results here below. So now you can bookmark my post to your accounts or digg them right through this blog.
Happy digging !! | digg it


7 Responses to “Bookmarklet Combo – and Digg”

  1. Bookworm Says:

    That is wonderful. Thank you. Having you done the same type of thing for Technorati, and other social networking sites?

  2. nitinpai Says:

    Yep bookmark,
    I am glad that you found it useful. 🙂

    I have infact made a reusable javascript function which can be applied to any social networking sites. Ill put up a post shortly for including it in your bookmarklet. Right now I am working on it to optimise and provide a drag n drop bookmarklet. Keep watching my space.

  3. All in One Bookmarklet with a resuable javascript function « Nitin’s World Says:

    […] Enable the bookmark’s toolbar in your Firefox browser and Just drag and drop the below button “Nitins Bookmarklet” onto it. You are now ready to use the bookmarklet. The steps to use the bookmarklet remain the same as I had mentioned in my earlier post here. […]

  4. Dorian Says:

    Does any one know how digg does those google ads so they are just one large one at the top?
    Jump on to any digg article to see what i mean (cant post links yet)

  5. Dallas Says:

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  6. g Says:

    Hey Great bookmarklet but I need something more ans I’m sure you have the solution:
    a bookmarklet to directly save any webpage on my digg & delicious accounts. I actually use 2 bookmarklets and lose crazy time. Please create what I need! I’ll be really thankfull !

  7. SmabtiffRab Says:

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