Implementing RPC literal style web service in BEA Weblogic 8.1

Implementing an RPC Literal web service can be a tricky business in BEA Weblogic 8.1. By default the web service which you implement is generated in a RPC Encoded style. In order to create a RPC web service you would probably have to undergo a 2 way procedure as I did in order to get your web service working in RPC Literal style.

First open your web service file (with the extension .jws) in the design mode and open the property editor panel. Click on the header of the web service and change the soap-style of the web service from document to literal. Now run the .jws file in the test browser of Workshop and go to the overview tab. Click on the “complete WSDL” to get the WSDL generated for the web service. You would notice that the binding of the SOAP messages is now in the RPC style. But still the messages are communicated in the encoded format and not in the literal format and encoded is not a WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 compliant.

In order to make your web service compliant to Basic Profile you would have to change the style from encoded to literal. But there isn’t any option for it in the property editor panel provided in Workshop. In order to get a work around solution for this save the WSDL from the test browser to your local drive. Open the saved WSDL in a text editor and change all the instances of “encoded” to “literal” manually. Now go back to Workshop and import this WSDL in your web service project. In the Property Editor for your web service in Workshop choose file and click the 3 dots (…). It would provide you a prompt for associcating a custom WSDL to your web service. In this put the relative path of the imported WSDL starting from your web service project folder alongwith the extension. (eg. wsdl / foo.wsdl).

This wont affect in any way your current logic implemented in the .jws file and when you now run the file in test browser and access your web service it will be communicating in the RPC literal style.


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