Meebo’s new avataar

Meebo is finally out of its Alpha version and has made quite a lot of upgrades on its alpha version. Meebo, right from its launch has been consistently growing on its reputation as the famous web based yahoo messenger for most of the folks who wished they could chat from their office where messenger couldn’t be installed. Meebo has struck on its right course by supporting the 4 major e-messengers viz. Yahoo, AIM, MSN and JabberTalk. This integrated e-messenger which has been one of my favorites right from the moment I had used it now comes with a pop-out messenger feature which make its resemblance to the desktop Yahoo messenger including the drag and drop users into different groups. Its become more richer in its UI and also now supports chat logs much akin to Yahoo. I suppose meebo will be the most wanted messenger as its much easier to open up a web page, log into your favorite account and start chatting. Who would want to waste time in downloading and installing the desktop ones!!

Note: I am all the more pleased because wordpress comes with a built in widget for using meebo and you can even chat with me now right while reading my blog with the integration of my meebo in the sidebar to the right.


One Response to “Meebo’s new avataar”

  1. steve Says:

    Check out the new embedded version of Kool IM.

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