Choosing the right AJAX Framework

The most difficult part when it comes to start working in the AJAX environment is choosing the right framework or toolkit from the thousands available and moreover which fits the best in your list of requirements. Surely it is no simpler as making a cake but having a right approach for making a choice will help solve your purpose. As part of the competitaive market I have always chosen to get my working analogies close to the ones reigning in the commercial spectrum. It might be a dream of a zillions of developers like me to get an experience in the right kind of environment which might help to serve well in the near future rather than spending time in fancying about petty interests.

I had tried my getting hands on DWR toolkit by getahead as my works relies on Java but it wasnt at all helpful as I wasnt able to figure out how to integrate the usage of DWR with JSP / Servlets which left me with little hope of getting my web application AJAX enabled. This is the aspect which can be the most frustrating for a programmer who is left listless when he cannot produce the desired thing after having knowledge in it.

The right manner to do here would be choosing something which is neutral and not dedicated to a particular technology because learning DWR or GWT which are dependent on the JAVA technology wont help if you are keen to switch platforms in the near future. Its better to get abreast of the ones which are built in JAVAScript as it would serve purpose in any technology. I found a good review at here, although a bit brief for helping a developer to decide which framework will be better for working in AJAX. Another article out here states the usage of proprietary IDE’s to save time over HTML and Javascript coding but still shelling out more from your pockets for small purposes is not the right thing to do. I think making a move to DOJO would be more a practical approach but still I am trying out what would give me a more market value.

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  1. Robert Buffone Says:

    I completely agree with your post particularly the “choosing something which is neutral and not dedicated to a particular technology”, I am currently a committer on an Apache project called XAP, that provides a declarative engine that can sit in front of any Ajax toolkit.

    This provides developers with several benefits, extensibility, interoperability and ease of develop.

    At this stage of Ajax you don’t want to get locked into a single toolkit and have to rewrite in the future for some reason.

  2. Mike Krumlauf Says:

    I was able to successfully integrate DWR with Java and have obtained excellent results. Once you understand the relationship of the dwr.xml configuration files with the corresponding Java and JavaScript objects, the rest is fairly simple to figure out. I would recommend giving DWR another try as it has worked well for me. DWR is good for minimizing the amount of JavaScript needed in your application and allows for remote object communication between JavaScript and Java.

  3. nitinpai Says:

    Hi Mike,
    I was successful in integrating DWR with my application when it came to accessing some JAVA functions through remoting but I was unsuccessful when it came to JSP.. cause JSP is just an HTML page with embedded Java code.

    I was lost for a solution when I required the results from a JSP page into another via DWR and my entire application was based on JSP pages itself. I tried it function wise embedding HTML snippets in a String object and returning it in the javascript callback function but it was too cumbersome to embed large amounts of HTML code in a java function.

  4. Bala Says:

    GWT is pretty kool, yeah as you told, you got to learn that independent of the Platform. And you can try out IDEs for them Like Vistafei, that will be more helpful

  5. Joe Says:

    Check out this site which is a new community platform for comparing AJAX frameworks. It is completely open for community contributions allowing adding and updating framework details and indexing related publications. The platform was aired today with initial content and is waiting for you guys to start pumping information to it.

    I will be happy to receive feedbacks. The site is built upon a dedicated framework that will be updated with your ideas.

    Joe Abrams

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