Google’s acquires Jotspot, targets the WIKI

Google does it again and this time it has a different target – the WIKI. Google corp has taken over JotSpot, the first ever company to provide a wiki application for an enterprise based solution. Its been just than a week ago that Google captured the video blogging arena with the takeover of YouTube making its arms spreading its market even more in the various blogging communities. Google has made a strong web presence in its 8 years of existence by means of hosted applications which caters to the variety of internet consumers. Following the same strategy of expanding its territory over the web it has now targeted the pending zone of knowledge sharing community.

Knowledge sharing applications like wikipedia have been capturing a heavy number of internet users for sharing and maintaining information of various sorts using the concept of global collaboration. Gartner has predicted that 50% of a corporation will adopt Wikis as mainstream collaboration tools by 2009 which in earlier times had been restricted to file sharing, emails, Content management systems, etc. But in recent times, the wiki has won the bout due to the simplicity it provides to the users with the absolute separation of UI and the data. It targets primarily the users who may or may not be web aware but can provide the system with some information. Graham Spence, founder of JotSpot, has stated in the official google blog that his dream of knowledge management with collaboration on a global scale will become even more widely accepted with the joint venture with Google corp while providing the same amount of privacy as they maintained.

The main advantage of Jotspot giving in to Google will be the availability of the plethora of tools already under Google’s belt which would help Jotspot to provide more rich features considering the advancement of the internet to the user rich experience of web 2.0. But considering Google’s inherent sharing of data to its various web tools will the private information of an organisition on a hosted server like Jotspot remain secure enough and whether industries who have adopted to use wiki’s as their premier information management tools in their own confines by a local collaboration wiki-behind-the-firewall suite like Confluence provided by Atlassian will move to the Google-Jotspot based wiki in future.

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