Experiencing Mozilla Thunderbird

I never had used Microsoft’s Outlook Express as I did not like using a POP account locally as I thought that it might hinder the performance of my network due to bandwidth consumption. I still do, nevertheless I wanted to try out a POP account access at some point of time so decided to give it a go. Besides gmail takes a lot of time to open in my browser. I have a gmail account and to my surprise, it already has an option to enable POP access to the email access.

I am a frantic user of Mozilla Firefox so decided to use Thunderbird Mail Client rather than going on to Outlook just for the heck of it. And hey, it’s damn simple!! Gmail provides a complete step by step procedure for configuring Thunderbird with its POP and SMTP servers and within minutes I was reading and composing mails from within Thunderbird.

The cheesiest thing about using Mozilla Thunderbird which I later found to my pleasant surprise was that Firefox automatically gets integrated with Thunderbird and you would be able to access Thunderbird from within Firefox. Furthermore I can now configure my Yahoo account also in it. Firefox provides the most wanted facility for me i.e accessing syndications from blogs I frquently visit.

So checking mails or blogs now doesnt require any more waiting for your page to load.  Just log intoThunderBird and have fun!!


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