New Flickr account

It’s real fun to capture some of the amazing glimpses which you see and while they last and then show them to your near and dear one’s. It definitely puts a expression worth noting on their faces be it happy, shockes, awed, or sadness. Really ! a picture is worth a thousand words and who would not like to save precious time and money in putting to text the expressions rather than showing the thing exactly embedded in your eyes!! Its really amazing experience.As promised after the enigmatic purchase of my new cell phone the brand new Sony Ericsson W810i a.k.a Neo featuring an amazing quality 2 Mega Pix camera that I would be uploading the pics here. But when someone else is providing a good service of photo management I thought why not put it to good use. Thats when FLICKR came to the rescue and I am using it to its fullest!

I tried the Flickr extension Pickup for Firefox but that seems too heavy for my machine. So currenltly trying out Flickr’s own tool Uploader beta and that seems just fine. All I have to do is drag n drop the photos in it and uploading is done as a background process. So I guess it wont take long when soon Ill be joining the league of photographers world wide for some nice capturing business. Right now its more amaeturish but what difference does it make.? I am making my statements more clearer through some Clicks !!

Say Bon Jour to my Flickr here .


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