“Bid Adeiu” www.nitinpai.net

Finally the time has arrived for a eye watering farewell to my dear web site www.nitinpai.net which was gifted to me a year. The time had started to tick by as I had received a mail in my gmail account stating for a renewal for the domain for $7.50. I had in mind untill some months ago to renew the registration but as I got introduced to www.wordpress.com my thoughts were never the same. I got addicted to wordpress that I stopped blogging at my 2 year old blog at www.nitin2005.blogspot.com . The managment dashboard, the importing of my old posts, the themes, the page sections, the categories provided by wordpress is everything I ever wanted to have and the experience made me to forget my own site where I used to put in the updates in my life and my learnings. But as I dont it too much, I am thinking of not renewing it and the date of expiry is November 20, 2006 on which all the contents in my web site would vanish and people who had bookmarked it would only be able to find it in the Google server’s cache. It was the one thing which had marked my presence on the web and in my workplace, but now with wordpress I have marker presence all over the world as I daily get some or the other responses. Its the best I must say and for my dying site its “So long”!!!


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