Open vs Proprietary Standards

I was quite irritated while reading this point in a post on ajaxian

The kind of rich interactivity that Flash and Windows Presentation Foundation provide are going to be leaps and bounds ahead of what any browser technology can do, and that’s why they will succeed. The web becomes richer every day.Ajax applications can’t take advantage of them in the way the Flash or WPF can.

The web, as we see today has evolved massively in terms of its interactivity is all because of the open standards. DHTML, CSS and now AJAX have made it more and more acceptable and the developers community have strived to make it all the more reusable and easier to maintain by providing libraries, frameworks.

CSS now as we advocate its use over the older designs through the use of table elements is only becuase CSS is an open standard. Had it been proprietary then the web would have been hampered in its stead fast growth. I have read about SVG and have a strong feeling than it would not take much time to grow and capture the web as AJAX today.

I support people who make technology available for the benefit of the world and its refinement rather than making the world come to them asking for it. The web is growing beyond imagination considering RSS feeds, XHTML standards for cross browser compatibilty, XML-SOAP for enterprise application interoperability, wiki’s etc.

People would only be able to enjoy and reap the benefits of these technologies if and only if we accept more open standards  and enhance it in the form of communities. Moreover open standards have a global reach as they do not need anything outside the normal resources. This makes a developer’s initiative all the more successful and his efforts to achieve success faster.


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