Microsoft’s Live Search

There were the days when you opened Internet Explorer and typed in any word in the address bar, IE would look for the keyword in msn explorer and try to find the relevant matches. Then came in Google with its simplistic form of a search engine and took over the world by large and people started configuring their browsers to point to as their default page or search engine. Even today, if you ask some net surfers, which other search engines they know other than Google’s, they would seem confused, as if Google was the only one. Of course there are many including msn, yahoo, etc. but none beat the speed and relevance of Google’s search engine.

Then came in the AJAX and the web suddenly seemed to give faster responses to users needs and search engines tried to incorporate this so as to give Google a run for its money. How could Microsoft have been left behind in this run !!. A few months ago it had entered the league in revolutionizing the web with its simulation of a web desktop at . But I guess it always had its eye on the success of Google and leaving behind the web desktop development it started to concentrate more on its search engine and AJAX wizardry.

Now if you take a look at , it would no more be a web desktop demo coz its been christened to a AJAX search engine!! (named as the LIVE SEARCH). So the next time if you type in a keyword in the address bar of the Internet Explorer and hit Enter, don’t be surprised if Microsoft redirects IE to and searches for it!! But even with AJAX Microsoft is way behind in its timings compared to GOOGLE. The thing which remains to be compared is the relevance.


2 Responses to “Microsoft’s Live Search”

  1. Umang Says:

    Well really good observation from you.. but yeah google rocks netime .. but i think Microsoft will surely come up with somethin to give google a tough competition

  2. Ganesh Says:

    As per my thoughts Microsoft live is really a good search engine . But if u compare with our famous Google is no longer near .
    But as every thing has good and bad .Microsoft live has one good feature which i think google should follow is:
    Microsoft live do not have pages as u scroll pages are uploaded which i liked the most.
    And one thing for which no one can deny is Look and feel that is AWESOME.

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