Frameworks and the Design Pattern

A design pattern is a way of doing things. It solves the trouble of reinventing the same old wheel and lets us know from the makers themselves as to how fid they do it. THe main thing about using a design pattern is saving of time in deciding a technique to go about designing the architecture of your application.

For example, the factory pattern which has been developed on the OOAD theory says that instead of returning a specific object return a generic object via a factory class which creates the object for you. After your receive the object you can typecast it to your desired object.

A Framework on the otherhand is made for reusablity. When an application goes into the coding phase people write routines to get things done. Now these routines are commonly used in most of the applications viz. fetching data from somewhere, making a remoting call, or parsing an XML file. Such routines when clubbed together and released as a library or an api form a framework. This helps developers worlwide to use the framework and code for the application. Using a framework helps these developers to concentrate more on the business logic enhancement rather than studying how to fetch data from somewhere.

For example, the DWR, DOJO or GWT framework helps AJAX developers from writing the boring routines of handling the remoting concepts in javascript with the use of XMLHttpRequest object and alsogive the facility of dynamic code generation of required remoting routines.

Somwhere on the net I found a short and sweet differentiation

Dessign Pattern is thinking,
Framework is half product.


3 Responses to “Frameworks and the Design Pattern”

  1. Neeti Says:

    hi pai…good work

  2. Umang Says:

    This design patterns and framework thing is damn useful .. and it will save a lot of time too.. gr8 work pai .. keep it up and keep on giving more such information

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