Woes Resolved

Bryan Adam had sung “Here I am , THis is me and nowhere else on earth I’d rather be” and today I am feeling to sing it cause I have atlast managed to get my PC running Windows XP Professional Edition after a struggling effort aka endeavour for almost 2 months. I had written about my woes in my earlier post. Luckily while searching for the damned XP installation problem I came accross a post written by a kind hearted soul about how to get over it. I was reluctant enough to try it in the first place since I had already running half-happy with windows 2000 professional edition with SP4 and all my required applications in it. But as my mind was adamant to work in XP I decided that lets beat it!

After the humungous amount of effort I had put in to get my system running in the first place, be it the hundreds of formatting, running over to my friends place with my hard drive , calling the so-called engineers from customer care, to purchasing a new hard drive since the earlier one went down the drain for some meagre amount of bad-sectors(now I know why people hate them !!), I had given up all my hopes and had decided that the umpteeth solution would be to get a brand new motherboard coz some faulty hardware was the root to all wrinkles on my brow which no one in my knowledge had the idea to detect what the damn it was!!!

But this little post came for me as though a fortune cookie had saved my life.Rome was not built in a day and neither was my XP installation!! Who could have imagined that one delete
would make the entire XP installation a success. Phew! It was worth an adventure in itself.


2 Responses to “Woes Resolved”

  1. KT Says:

    kind of sophiticated the method. as i browse thru ur tutorial, it looks convincing for a solution. however, sometimes it maybe good to just follow “defaults” config. As in my case, i plug off my memory modules and leave to single RAM 256MB. coz mine are having different RAM modules, at PC2100 and PC3200….plug off the 3200 speed.
    Coz diff RAM may stress ur PC performance overall actually. (after install XP then plug in back > i dun care then)
    Then go to BIOS, reset everything to optimized config….then voila! i got my XP on the go….surpassing the 39 37 36 35 34 min after one hour endurance (totaled up).
    might not worked but its just my day. coz i am no expert so just put everything back to default…..good luck

  2. Adams Says:

    Well I want to thank you for your comment but I couldnt enter the command prompt cos the PC I was working on is a HP and the setup happens to be F10 but I mistakenly use Alt + Tab key and I found out what was stalling the installation. An Award Keylogger was installed on the PC and it what has been stalling the PC.

    So I’d advise if anyone faces this type of issue, he/she should try Alt+Tab key to see whats stalling the installation.


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