The Osborne Effect

It sometimes seems like we know only half the truth of what we are looking into the present. The present only shows the publicised version of what we dream because everyone likes to strike a chord of people’s expectation, be it at the cost of one of your competitors. Why I am showering these words is because of the sotry I heard today from one of my collegues. The story of Adam Osborne, a computer pioneer who was the first person to bring out what we call today the “Portable Computer“. But I dont think many people would be aware of this fact since we know only the big players like the Micorsoft’s, the Ibm’s. But what about crediting the one who made it possible to everyone’s realization. Had not Mr. Osborne made a mistake of pre- announcing his inventions beforme succumbing to a major downfall he would have been a pioneer till today. Such stories sometimes do make me realize that think not only twice but ahead of your competitors before making a step forward for a foolproof success. But again, it’s the same philospohy that the big one’s follow. Ain’t it?


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One Response to “The Osborne Effect”

  1. Kevin Says:

    My father had an Osborne 1 portable in 1981 not long after they came out. I was quite young and used it form games in MBasic mostly. It came pre-loaded with Wordstar, Supercalc, Mailmerge, MBasic, and more – and had a full hardcopy manual for everything! It was a superb machine and definitely ahead of its time. I have read an article he wrote in about 1976 about how computers should be built to assist individual users – and it still rings true today… pity he fell prey to announcing his intentions too early.

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