Neo – The grand arrival


Neo, the chosen one has made a grand arrival at my home. Neo? yes I have christened this little marvel as my Neo viz. The chosen one. This little tiny piece of man made machine is nothing less than a ubergizmo. An ultra high tech product from the farm of Sony. After a detailed research on the latest mobiles and required features this tiny tot won my heart and soul and I am all the more pleased to have it in my pocket now. It took for me about a month’s time only to decide which mobile I should go for considering my budget and my frenzy requirements which one perceive would not come anywhere near 30-40k. But as decided I got it for 15k which was my budget. Well exacltly it was 15.5K but it is worth every penny spent. The latest product in the mid range category Sony launched W800i in its walkman series. I had my heart on it since it only costed 14K but unfortunately Sony decided to call the production of W800i off and launched its new model W810i having the same features but a litte more advanced than W800i. Then I switched my interest towards Nokia 6681 since I was introduced to the powers of Symbian OS but it did not impress me much. But it was W810i till the end in my mind and I am thorougly satisfied with this since it is a power package which makes up for IPod, digicam, Stereo Deck.

The features:

  1. Walkman with a 512 MB stick and amazing ear plugs
  2. Super digicam with 2MP with autofocus,flash and 4X Zoom
  3. Ultra light weight mounting to 100gm app.
  4. PC speaker connectivity wich gives the same effect as though played from my PC
  5. Mega Bass option for enhancing beats of songs which is ultimate.

I am falling in love with this piece. Ill be shortly posting the images I take from it coz here comes my Neo, to take over my world.

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  1. New Flickr account « Nitin’s World Says:

    […] As promised after the enigmatic purchase of my new cell phone the brand new Sony Ericsson W810i a.k.a Neo featuring an amazing quality 2 Mega Pix camera that I would be uploading the pics here. But when someone else is providing a good service of photo management I thought why not put it to good use. Thats when FLICKR came to the rescue and I am using it to its fullest! […]

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