The AJAX storm

AJAX is ruling the web world. The tools and web applications which come day in and day out have made me speechless looking at the innovations that people the world over implement. THe mere XMLHttpRequest which I got introduced while learning AJAX has taken over like storm. Its an ultimate concept and I would like more and more websites supporting AJAX due it enriching user experience. Just have a look at this and you would have no more questions raised about AJAX, about what extremeties it can touch. Can you ever imagine an entire OS fully controllable by a user loaded in a single web page. Its not far away from actually being into practice but a vision has already been emancipated

Other AJAX implementations which can leave you in a mometary seventh heaven. .. AJAX powered java docs .. Micorsoft going for the AJAX desktop on the web .. personalising your web content in a page .. the simple mail box never remained the same .. shopping as simple a moving a mouse Create your own homepage without installing any application .. AJAX used to reading feeds .. the whole site content is actually from feeds!!!  … Simply breath taking desktop on the web experience


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