Diving deep in SOA

I am working currently on the service oriented architecture implementation in JAVA with the newly launched web service pack JWSDP 2.0 by Sun Microsystems which include working on the different api’s like JAXP, JAXM, JAXR, JAX-RPC, JAXB and finally the leader of all JAX-WS. Its a sophisticated pack complete with the set of tools to assist in any kind of requirements for handling a web service for any organisation. The research work on this field has been delegated amongst me and my team mates and I in particular am currently dealing with the implementation issues for JAXB which is a supreme framework for generation of classe from XML schemas and XML parsing alongwith XSD or DTD validations. It moves over the concept of XML parsing as has been maintained all this long by legacy parsers like SAX and DOM altogeher to new heights. The mainf feature I am completely impressed is the XML bindings given through the means of XSD for implementing customizations in the generated classes. The main analogy of using JAXB is to enable the applications which hold XML databases to the Object Oriented Principles and gain the power of programatically feeding and storing information retaining the security of the schema through objects which are automatically generated by JAXB.

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