Saints from Hell

I am writing this post for the first time from my company. And I am not here due to some deadlines or pleasure to work in late hours. Its because of the blood hounds who tamper and play with people’s life by putting the innocent souls to rest by means of keeping bombs in the same comparments which were meant for them to reach their destination with a dream in their eyes of fullfilling the wishes of their families after returning from their work. The rascals causing such obstruction will never give up their pathetic ventures in making a life out of others. I just made sure that my freinds and family members are safe and sound and am feeling relaxed. But as I step into the shoes of those who are struck with tragedies, life seems bitter than watching death come nearby. I fail to understand the underlying cause of such barbarism, the misery of blood for blood, the never subsiding nature of human needs all to add in to the upbringing pathos. God! please take my life away or stop making me watch people do such henious crimes. It isnt pretty in any sense!!

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