Back with a Bang

Finally, yes finally i am back with a bang!!!
This seems so exciting to make a comeback so loud and clear that it feels like immortality for me. Yes this is the real world for me even though virtual. I feel all the heritage of the past run through by my skin, like some one close me coming by my ear and saying “i was waiting for you all these years and now you are hear my dear”.

So what does it all mean?
It only means I have regained my original form and now ready to take on some action. Being the chosen one aint that easy you see. Haha. Good joke. It feels so energetic that I cant come below of thinking like a superhero coz the powers are like ounces of blood that a shark far away from the source can smell and come in search of it, just like a nomadic seeing an oasis in a desert comes for it thinking his thrist will drift away!! With all these great powers, come great responsibilities. Who am I …. I am the chosen one… meant to take over the world in a few moments from now .. and the countdown begins here…. 10.9.8…………… hahahaha

Exclusive : Coming back in form, Nitin has gone insane, maybe some evil forces have prevailed in him while he was fighting for survival. Age no bar, here he goes now again….. aar ya paar….

Coming Soon : Nitin goes in the boom zone….. watch out for his antics.


One Response to “Back with a Bang”

  1. Barkha Says:

    /me rolls her eyes

    So finally, back eh?



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