Host Name Resolution

I wonder why havent the mobile companies come up with a scheme which I would prefer calling HNS or the “Host Name Server”. I am thinking it in terms of the DNS or the “Domain Name Server” which is an integral part now in the world wide web without which it would be literally impossible for us to remember the address of a number of sites as they would have to be accessed with their IP address and not as something like “”. So why not apply the same in case of mobiles?For any person, names are the most easiest to remember than a huge list of numbers. Given a minutes and 10 mobile numbers and 10 names a person , without doubt, that person would remember atleast 5 names and not a single number. Its a universal phenomenon and I am surprised as to why the mobile manufacturing companies havent traversed this path.

With an implementation of the concept as an HNS each person round the globe would have a particular ID and no matter which mobile piece he uses his ID would safely be stored in a central server due to which the problems arising in updating the numbers of a person on event of a new card would, for the better, be avoided. Now one problem which can be faced, is the existence of a large number of brands. But according to me several phone numbers can be alloted to the persons ID as we have multiple landline numbers existing for the same address.

So for dialing a person, one has to enter only the person’s ID and the HNS would have all the mobile numbers which are currently being used by the person being called. The HNS would resolve the numbers and if one mobile cannot be reached or say, is out of usage the other mobile would be tried by the HNS. In this way the person calling wont have to dial several numbers of get frustrated in event he hasnt got the changed number of the person whom he intends to call. In this way all miseries can be solved.

But I know there might be several scientists out there who must have tried to make this work but still I am amazed that it hasnt been yet implemented… or am i missing on some huge drawback on this concept!! But all will agree, this concept would definitely make life much much simpler… Digg It! Reddit! Add to Furl Add it to Google Bookmarks Add to Yahoo!MyWeb Add to Spurl Add to BlinkList Fark It! Add to Newsvine Add it to Netscape for voting Add to Technorati Add to Simpy Add to NetVouz Add to RawSugar Add to BlinkBits Add to Scuttle Add to Magnolia Add to BlogMarks Add to FeedMeLinks Add to Wists Add to Shadows


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