A feeling so good

It feels really good to have so many gr8 things round the corner. The auspicious season of christmas, the merriness in the hearts of the people, the end of the year. Especially I like the ending of the year and starting of a whole new, fresh one. Its like changing the phase of one’s life. Putting an end to the bad things that happened and starting with new recharged optimistic energy.
Oh ya! another thing to add on all this amount of happines is the arrival of my b’day which falls on the 28th. Although all these days are not much different than the usual days but the excitement makes me more enthusiastic about what lies in store in the coming brand new year. Moreover the long long wait for the arrival of my precious appointment letter of my job at LnT which is going to end soon this week. These feelings cannot be described in words.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!

Category: Personal


2 Responses to “A feeling so good”

  1. K_aNuJa Says:

    hey wishing a very happy birthday…….. advance mein.
    And the long wait will end soon. Congrats on successfully ending the probation period.

    Happy New (Permanent) Year.

  2. K_aNuJa Says:

    hey i m sorry.
    I “mis”read it and then i misunderstood that ur probation period ended.

    Sorry again

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