Left with a Lesson

Started my gyming routine from yesterday after a tiresome gap of about 2 weeks since 2 weeks ago while doing a new course setup I think I did something wronn while doing push-up’s due to which I got tremendous pain all of a sudden in my left arm. After one set I had taken rest but foolishly again started the second set thinking that the pain was temporary. That was the point of a big mistake. The second set proved lethal and a sudden jolt of pain arised in my left arm and made it immobile. I panicked that this surely might be a fracture but was not ready to believe it since a fracture cannot result unless you have a fall. I skipped the rest of the excercises and went home to rest. Even after 2 days of total rest I was not able to move my left arm so went to the local orthpedician. I was relieved when after some observations he concluded that it was not a fracture but was a ligament tear and I adviced me to take a rest of 3 weeks or else the tear would last a lifetime. I was shocked to hear it but I decided to give my gym a break which was gruelling. I wasnt able to move my arm freely for about a week but later the pain started to diminish and now, 2 weeks later I am normal as before. Thank God!! But now I am more cautious and will always tell myself not to push hard for getting in shape quickly which earlier I used to do. The lesson I learnt from this situation is “Haste may be quick but it always comes at a price.”

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2 Responses to “Left with a Lesson”

  1. Barkha Says:

    Lessons to be learnt at gym :

    1. Haste may be quick but it always comes at a price.

    2. Not to push hard for getting in shape quickly.

    3. Not to pay attention anywhere except your set.


  2. K_aNuJa Says:

    Hey thanks for visting my site.
    Its wrong to leave the “whole” project in the college and foolishly underestimate our classmates, but our college does not have a CD-Writer, not even a floppy-Drive. So, the only way we could take the project home was with the help of a pen-drive, which none of us own. So the last option was to leave it there.
    But still thanks for the idea.

    And let me give u some tips, which i learned when i used to take break from routine exercise.
    Always first start with stretching all ur muscles.
    Then do ur exercises.
    I have also gone thru it, so i understand, when i used to start exercising without stretching.

    I agree with barkha’s 3rd point:
    Not to pay attention anywhere except your set.

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