Harry must not die

Recently while reading the tabloid I came across the news that J.K.Rowling, better kwown as the “potter author” was getting immense pressure to keep continuing Harry Potter’s adventures so much so that it was taking a toll on her personal life. So she has finally gone public saying that Harry is bound to die in her next n final novel or rather she is gonna kill him on purpose to put an end of the world’s most popular boy hero. This news has bought about a shockwave amongst the kiddos who have turned ardent fans rather worshippers of Potter mania. I, on the other hand have never read a single story of him, nor I am a great fan of the author but have seen all the Potter movies up till now. Yet, I respect the imagination and creative nature of Ms. Rowling and the immense fame she has got with her creation. Hearing the news did somewhat made me wonder that instead of killing Harry, why not write some short stories on his heroism, thereby retaining the popularity and also not disappointing the kiddos. Its not always necessary to always keep writing huge novels about the adventures or better still even other authors can contribute their imagination if Rowling should stop with potter mania. Here’s my message to her…….

Harry must not die

Hey Ms. Rowling, Harry must not die,
I am feeling it strongly but I don’t know why,
He is so popular that he just can’t leave,
Why are u so hard on the kids which is hard to believe,
Have u got fed up, are u now bored to go on?
With your own creation which u been carrying for so long,
I say please don’t drop your pen, its still has power,
When Harry can be put to good use, why make it sour?
Superman, Spiderman did teach lessons to the bad,
Sent messages of happiness relieving the sad,
Taught morals to the young ones, which was great,
Made them into nicer beings making them think straight,
Don’t kill Harry; he can do it too,
Why are u so hell bent on giving him a “boo”,
Make him teach some manners while you can,
Why simply make him run with the prisoner of Azkaban?
Goblets or Quidditch, to the society, don’t do any good,
Where as, cleanliness, honesty, politeness would.
Harry can be an idol; Harry can be a priest,
Why do you have cruel desires? Why are you acting like a beast?
Life doesn’t run on spells, or with people who have scars,
Talk through him to real people to stop making wars.
Maybe this way u will obtain your fancy golden snitch,
Killing him will just make u feel more like a witch.
Hey Ms. Rowling, Harry must not die.
Make him do good deeds, at least give it a try!!


Category: Poetic


2 Responses to “Harry must not die”

  1. neo Says:

    Good. Nice to see another Nitin Pai blogging such nice things.

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