It happens only in India

Yesterday while chatting with my friend Pascal I had a heated debate sort of conversation. I was discussing about the talents about the people here in India and those of the people staying out abroad and why Indian people were lacking the main exposure to the computers domain. This lead to the discussion on how the infrastructure was based in India and why the government was so inconsiderate of improving it or put in other words my concern was why India couldn’t make computer technologies established as seen in other countries. Many interesting points came forward in the conversation. Here is the excerpt of it……

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nitin pai : I don’t know how it works…abroad there are such immensely talented guys…in
India when we still are studying ..there they become professional …either master hackers,
Hollywood animators, so many wide arena of field….n we here rely on a degree to make our mark
pascal nunes: nope … its not that way it takes time to get these skills. when did you get your computer?
nitin pai : I have seen sites of those guys who have made contributions to
major animation films ….n when i saw their profile .. age=16,18,20
pascal nunes : its like this you get a PC at about 16 I got mine after 12th
that is nearly 18 then you spend the first year or two playing games cause…
that does fascinate ppl….. after that ppl start thinking of doing
something better……. its not the lack of opportunity another factor is the ppl you
have around its mostly a matter of knowing. once you know something it is
easy……..and most things we do not discover ourselves. then your own talents
come into play and by the time you have reached that stage…where you know what
you want to do… made your community. its usually time to take up a job. abroad
… having these facilities at a more younger age does help a great deal
nitin pai : yea i know that the one reason. moreover they have a huge huge
infrastructure for computer domain…..India lacks that….coz something shd be
present to fascinate into getting into the field n moreover being able to grasp
quickly thru some medium…things change when only an issue is probed
into…otherwise it continues its legacy….laziness rules over here
pascal nunes : the government is Click here to expand …

the ppl …the ppl is very much us …and so
long as you are working ….putting your time to good use.. the country is
nitin pai : very much “us” u say!!….look at who is “us”
when it comes to politics…its become a trash. a medium for devils to make
their vicious dreams come true … only the reason y its somewhat minutely
progressing is due to the media who wanders on its happenings. if it was a
hidden medium only God would have know what was going on

pascal nunes : there are many things that are wrong …. the number of hours
wasted due to power cuts is a good example …but yes… they help me ….cause
without the PC .. I have to study then
nitin pai : that’s your negative take on it…. talking about power cuts….i
feel like murdering them ..rascals…bast***%, mother$#$#$, n to think of we got
the most rainfall than we ever had this season…..we are turning into
villages….n to think of india is progressing…my middle finger goes out to
whoever says it
pascal nunes : you will have to agree that more power is being used here ….
there are so many new buildings …. that provisions have not been made for that
is bad
nitin pai : so what….doesn’t planning come anywhere in the
picture….having more projects doesn’t mean Click here to expand …

u make the existing employees sit
in overtime shifts…u recruit more employees to do it
pascal nunes : yup … but when you get projects that you have not thought of
….. you don’t let them go …. you burden your existing employees …. and get
more labor over time ….that is the factor here ….its only 10 years before
that maharashtra was exporting power
nitin pai : cmon..u can never say that….if that was the logic. companies
would have drained with the resources…have u heard about employess sitting in
benches ..or on hold…they are meant for the exact same purpose.. it never
works the way…like..ok we are in trouble now….cmon lets plan ….the same
thing that’s happening in the field of cricket in this very moment ….n then we
have hhumungous expections..ok u got greg..the next thing we shd have is a world
cup ….. planning, analysis are a joke it seems
pascal nunes : hmm… some oscillation is always there ….did you read the
latest entry on my blog? …. try the kalyan telecom directory …its cool
nitin pai : see…… now we come up with telecom directory when abroad they have
tools like GPRS, Google earth ……we can only use outside stuff
pascal nunes : the GPRS and Google earth work here too ….and those are not
government undertaking …what amazed me most was that this was by the

nitin pai : so u agree its surprising to see such Click here to expand …

“novelties” by our
pascal nunes : yup .. the most unexpected …in fact I had got quite used to
government work being frustrating …. if does not drive you nuts… there must
be something fishy .. but you see… this is not the government ..not those
corrupt ministers …..just a few ppl doing their job well ….the NIC in
particular has been doing a lot of good work i think
nitin pai : that’s the saddest part of it…we succumb ..or are made to
….the medium has got so filthy that such few ppl have to dare n risk sometimes
to do good deeds
pascal nunes : the thing is that… it is more a matter of indifference
…..those foolish government officials don’t understand the internet a lot…
and so the one who want to do good work can
nitin pai : its not at all about the internet…the very simple issue is
to remove the quota system completely….then u would see the actual progress
happening….here wrong ppl are being taken at wrong places….then comes
corruption…then comes unemployment due to underground in takings…eveything
then follows becomes a huge chain….if quota is removed…at least the Click here to expand …

ppl will overtake such proceedings
pascal nunes : that does not seem possible… cause of politics…. the
decision makers want their votes…. they just keep adding ppl the OBC list
nitin pai : that’s the chain which was made during the Gandhi era…..he made
it just for those who were neglected. now it seems that’s the only way to
survive n to think of the mostly those who are in backward categories are the
pascal nunes : when the constitution was made… that rules and the quota
system was only for 10 years …. till 1960 that is
cause it started in 1950 ..politicians kept it going ….I used to mad with
Ambedkar for the quota system… after saying that equality is a fundamental
right …..but then I came to know that it was only for 10 years ….but just to
get votes on ST/SC this has been going on
nitin pai : that’s the thing…..Gandhi agreed to the quota system…n there
on it went on n on n on ….Gandhi poked his nose everywhere…i hate that guy
… n if u say he got us independence then that’s bcoz half of the story he has
captured…giving no chance to those who cud have made it possible even years
before 1947….but nonviolence was getting dominant … hey i got to go
now…..was a really good topic to talk on…but it the end…its not just said
n done…even if we scream with our lungs apart it will not make difference to
the deaf people ruling us….but i plan to bring such topics in my blog ..
atleast ppl are able to read

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One Response to “It happens only in India”

  1. Barkha Says:

    1. The problem of young ones coming in to take up political posts is going to take a long, long time, if ever it does. I hope some young ones listening here.

    2. As far as the Internet or Information Technology revolution goes, its just that it arrived late here. The next generation of kids are the ones who will give the buggers the competition that we try to give to the 16-odd year old programmers. But mind you, China and Korea and other Asian countries are progressing fast, real fast. Check out programming contests. (eg:Topcoder ) More than half of those geeks are Asians.

    There will come a time when 16 year old Indians will also provide solutions, but there is still some time before it realizes.

    3. Oh btw, India DEFINITELY IS PROGRESSING. (You wouldnt be using this broadband on your shiny dabba if it werent)

    4. **Argh** the Quota system sucks. Big time.

    5. Sadly, India is not yet educated enough to realize that it needs to keep up with technology that the other countries use. It ll take time. A lot of it. But will happen. But, as always, we ‘ll be 20 years late.

    Oops. Sorry, the comments were not supposed to be so long. But the topic itself is such,… 😀

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