Big Deal !!

So Mr. Big B fell ill. It was as if a catastrophe had occurred which seemed even bigger than the Kashmir earthquake for his fans. People all over the country gathered together for prayers, havan’s which even included the kids in schools n what not. Celebs, young n old flocked at the hospital to meet Mr B as if he was on his death bed (rather for some publicity gimmick).

Its feels so embarrassing to see people acting this way. I don’t understand why there has to be a fan following to such an extent that they make their idols seem more like God’s. Mr. B surely has earned quite a humungous reputation but that’s because he is doing good at a job which he has chosen as his profession. Every working Indian contributes to the society to shape up the country’s progress n growth n whoever gives dedication to his work has the right towards gaining respect. But alas! The Indian media is filled of so much hype n hoopla that it seems that here only actors persevere more than any other person. All over the celluloid there are nothing but celebs.Acting celebs, playing celebs, hosting celebs, and the one being interviewed also celebs. The people who actually impart to India’s role in the world are completely sidelined. It is but natural to the geek people here to just respect n aspire majorly becoming a star who would eventually rise to fame by doing work which imparts almost nothing to the society.

Nobody will ever care for the people who were killed, raped, murdered, kidnapped, died on the very same day Mr. B went a very minor surgery which I myself find hardly worth mentioning but will find solace in worshipping their self-proclaimed godly idols. Living in the presence of the stupidity of such ignorant people and the media capitalizing on this ignorance, sometimes I really feel ashamed my country which breeds these dumbbots. There’s a strong need amongst the people to grow up and I don’t see it happening very soon either which is a sad aspect.

Nitin’s Joke of the day :

Why did Big B’s condition worsen after being admitted to the hospital?
Bcoz the security was so tight that even doctors werent allowed to go inside.

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One Response to “Big Deal !!”

  1. scooter Says:

    dont feel bad man, i thought we only had that problem in america.

    i always thought of india as a humble country with modest values that were not all about the “bling”.

    oh well, if there is something to be learned here, its that there are stupid people everywhere.–>

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