Unbounded Visions

Its been a long time since I had written my last poem. Almost 4 months. So felt really like wrting something, not just anything, coz I often put my thoughts in a poetic manner whenever they seem to overflow out of my head. The greif of not getting selected in Hurix despite my best attempt made me to sit down in a glum mood and write down the following poem. Its all about what I want from life, or rather, in life.

Unbounded Visions

The only emotion I prefer is to be happy,
Away from the riches of the world to seek natural mirth,
The consequences which follow are sometimes sappy,
But what appeals to the heart always has its worth.

Amidst the sad realities, I lie unabated,
Constantly soul searching, in which I find real peace,
For others, being real, doesn’t make them feel elated,
For me, it’s like fragrance streaming through a breeze.

Remorse over facts from the past, I choose to ignore the most,
How would that help in bringing life its meaning?
I would rather prefer staking my life if not worst,
Foreseeing my future, even if, by dreaming.

Honesty, I swear, is a quality to treasure,
Not a single guilt to burden down thy conscience,
It helps to live life up to its umpteenth measure,
Making others feel the wealth of your presence.

Life may not always be a bed of roses to walk,
With thorns always pricking on your course,
I want to live like a warrior with actions doing the talk,
To secure my chosen destiny right from its source.



One Response to “Unbounded Visions”

  1. Barkha Says:

    My God!

    I never knew you write poems!

    That was gooooood!

    Keep it going.

    And please, please dont take yet anotehr 4 months for your next…

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