A day at Hurix

Yesterday and today Hurix Technologies, Andheri had held a walk-in for the post of a technical writer. I came to know this after I got the news that two of my classmates has got in yesterday. Excited, even I decided to give it a shot after inquiring about its whereabouts.

Taking a CV I caught the vasai local of 8:20 am which seemed a little less crowded which a momet of surprise for me. 2 more of my classmates joined me at the Andheri station and we together took a walk of about 20 minutes from Andheir (east) station and finally reached the venue. The company interiors were plush and attractive. But the thing that amused me the most was all the employees seemed to have a gala time working there. Some were fiddlling with paintbrush, some were grooving with mp3’s and some were chit chatting. Not only this, all of them were casually dressed with jeans, tees etc. The atmosphere looked more of a call center than an IT company. I was looking forward to work in a similar atmosphere.

A lady guided to the test room for our first test which included 300 questions of plain grammatical sentences which either required to be completed with the given options or correcting them. The time given was 90 mins. All 3 of us started at 10:10 and finished at 11:40 in the meanwhile some more candidates joined us. After the test we were made to wait outside for about 30 mins for our results. I got through with 84% which I feel was damn poor. One of my collegues couldnt make it n had to leave.

The same lady then guided me to the same test room for a second test which was of 3 hours consisting of 4 sections viz. Aptitude, Jumbled paragraphs, 2 essays to be written and finally 9 comprehensions!!! It was a really boring to spend those 3 hours which I started at 12 and managed to complete all the stuff at 3 pm. I was happy since I was confident that i had done well.

The lady then asked me to wait for another 15 min after which I would receive a call for an interview If I had cleared the tests. And I did clear them. A fat lady took my interview which included of typical interview questions like strenghts, weakness, expectations, etc, etc. Though I was not exactly prepared for an interview after those exhaustive 3 hours I think I answered her decently. But much to my disappointment, at the end of the interview the lady told me that she was looking for experienced writers than freshers. I began to wonder if that was the case then how could my friends got through the other day. While I was wondering the lady told me that she would forward my resume’ to other dept’s which were looking for freshers and that they would likely give me a call within a day or two. I did not have the guts to question her decision and finally I remember I just said “Ok fine. Thanks”. Outside two girls were overly excited, who were besides me giving the test, since they had got selected and were asked to join on coming Monday. I inquired them if they were experienced or not but was heartbroken when I found out they were freshers too. I couldn’t understand the lady’s decision but would have felt much more better if she had rejected me straightaway. I just congratulated the girls and left the center with a heavy heart.


4 Responses to “A day at Hurix”

  1. Pascal Says:

    Why do you want to be a technical writer? Isn’t it better to do some technical work; rather than write about what others have done?

    Or is my idea of a technical writer wrong?

    hmm… maybe she was just trying to be nice. I know that it was stupid, but what other rational explanation can you think of?

  2. nitin Says:

    Pascal, I don’t want to be a tech writer. I just wanted a temporary job for one month and this job didn’t require any agreement to be signed. 🙂

  3. Pascal Says:

    ah! Yeah, it would be fun for a month. Too bad you didn’t get it!!

  4. Srinivas Says:

    Dont worry yaar, You will shine in SAP and ABAP. This technical writing and stuff are not for people like you. Anyway, it would probably have been a good tp for a month. But, nothing to fret about.
    Cheer up.

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