Power Failure

I am really pissed off by the MSEB load shedding schedules. Prior to 2005 the day when load shedding was done was on Friday’s for 6hours. This year it becoming worse by their new strategy or whatever you call it in taking of 2 hours of electricity early in the morning at 5 am sharp to 7 am alongwith with our little bit of sleep. Now further down the year its becomeing a virtual hell when these bloddy people are also keeping the power switched off in the evenings and sundays for 4 hours. How much of power do they require? Is there a dearth of it? I dont think so. And if there is then y the bombay people arent made to suffer the same thing? And to talk about the lathargic amont of money we spend in bills without even having electricity for half the part of our lives. I get the feeling like we are turning back to rural lifestyles than becoming urban with the depletion of facilities that the government brags of providing. It would be far much more better to hand over the work to private parties. I woudln’t mind spending a bit more to get what is required rather than spending over miseries. Will someone do something about this?

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2 Responses to “Power Failure”

  1. Pascal Says:

    Seriously; this is hell. Plan to do something? Hold a demonstration outside their office? Pelt stones? Cause some riots? anything… do think of something!! Its always better to act than to just write.

  2. couture shoes Says:

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