Watch out, Santana!

I had the interest of playing any of the musical instrument since childhood. Out of my favorites which include the acoustic guitar, synthesizer and drums the acoustic stood top of my priority always. Owing to the 6 month vacation I had received for my job to start I had done nothing besides goofing up here n there. So with a final decision for doing something creative in the 2 months left till January I went to buy an acoustic guitar at S. B. Musical Stores, Malad (West).

Some interesting theories I came across while chatting with the store owner which are worth sharing.Guitars come in major 4 categories :
Acoustic : Hip guitars for playing peppy songs. They have steel strings which basically are used for strumming.
Classical : Playing tunes like the classical English Music. They have nylon strings for playing melodious single notes.
Electric : Rock on baby!! Time for some head banging. Can be played only with an amplifier.
Bass : They havethick strings which make some deep sound particularly for producing your base music.

Hobners, Givson, Ibaneez make classical and acoustic types which start at the range of 1800 bucks for small sizes and 2500 for jumbo sizes. Granada makes to the top list for electric and bass types.

Two types amongst the acoustic guitars include :
Round holed : Requires some amount of stress for playing tunes where the sound is produced from a round hole in the center.
Side Cuts : Sound comes from side cuts without any hole in center. This sound has greater depth than the earlier one. I liked these.
Full Flat : Normal guitar types perfectly symmetrical in geometry and have only 12 frets ( notes ).
F- Cut : Asymmetrical guitars which have been provided with a cut in the right side to include up to 14 frets.

I had been advised by my Sir of whom I have joined classes for some Guitar coaching for getting Hobners. So I bought a cool looking Hobners 265 which happens to be the most popular brand amongst starters. Its an acoustic, side cut, F-cut, jumbo sized guitar with red-black gradient look which came at a price of 3,000. The other brands worth trying were Givson and Ibaneez but I decided to stick to the advice.

After my first lessons in playing only 4 chords namely A major, C minor, F and G minor the feeling that playing Guitar is simple has faded away. The proof lies in my swollen fingers right on the very first day. It really is a tough job but at the end of the daywhen you come up playing a nice melodious tune nothing seems bitter about it.Its hardly now 1 month left and lots of learning to do. I just cant wait to play my favorite “Hotel California” on this sweety.


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