Motherly Nightmare

Phew! It had been a nightmare for the past one week for me as my PC came to a standstill way back on the 13th of November. Its 21st today and so I had to survive without my PC over 9 days. Luckily I did. Something went haywire and due to some unknown reasons my motherboard and the SMPS connector has got burnt even though my PC is connected via UPS. The HP guys whom I have purchased my system did a fast job by getting my system to work in 9 days where it should have been done within 24 hours as they constantly brag about their “within 24 hours” service. The most satisfying thing was that I had a warranty till 30th December so I managaed to save about a whopping 20,000 bucks if I had to repair it myself. Anyways my system is finally working and the feeling of being virtually dead disconnected from the rest of the worldwill soon diminish. Happy days again!!! yippee.

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