Role Reversal

The ad’s recently on the television are showcasing more n more on making men look handsome and fair. This latest fad had managed to capture the best of the celebs who endorse the product as the originale which helped them to dominate the stardom they enjoy currently. With the current debate going on the newly coined term “metrosexual male” more feminism in being introduced in a man’s masculinity. I fear that despite the inablity to accept the facts of homosexuality, where this new facade is going to take the new generation to. It is also clearly visible that females are increasingly adopting man’s style, be it in the hippy looks, jeans, shoes, formals, hairstyles…. in short they are capturing into a man’s domain. With such ideologies implanted in the new generation, I think the world is heading for a major role reversals of the sexes and it sure gives me creeps.

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