Power Game

Well its time we had some different kind of a governing body which could work for our interests and always strive to be the best even if had the entire country scorning for its rule. I think all these marks in our lives have been made by one such authority on which we thrive for our better survival. Can’t figure it out? Simple enough, it’s the media!!

Yea the media right from its root of coming into existence it has ever grown stronger and stronger becoming out daily dose for survival. Could you ever imagine how worse would our life be without single source of media? I bet you can’t. But does that mean it has made our life better. It could a topic of debate. I am specifically talking about the news agencies when I talk on media. Lately the barriers of public and private life is becoming more thinner than earlier with the help of these power hungry media people leave alone the paparazzi. They have been interfering with the daily matters of the celebrities from ever they came into being and now they have sworn to make common people celebrities too. They have their go at anything which can make them world famous.

The lone reference can be taken from the first sting operation which came in like a storm and was blown as a whirlwind into everyone’s lives. I am talking about the Tehelka sting operation. Though it helped out to bring the black souls from the white collared leaders in front of the public, it also gave birth to the infamous “stings” which are even now biting to the one who is unaware, be it you, me or anyone.

How on earth would you know that your conversations are tapped, your adventures being filmed by a hidden camera, your privacy being sold in public without your consent? I bet you have no idea, neither me nor anybody, until we hear about our own life from others to get all the more shocked! Believe me its happening. Previously it was a thought that hackers only were the men who intruded your privacy through your computers. Okay that can be dealt via some or the other tactics but who will save from the invisible hunters of the media. You can never be sure if your life runs parallel with the life of Harry Truman being broadcasted worldwide just for entertaining other masses in the name of a “reality TV show” or being filmed by your own family members as shown in “saade saath phere” without you having the slightest of the hints for making some pocket money.

Who can forget the now famous pornographic tapes which are made for the one special moment and later get leaked out for others to enjoy as well!! Okay what’s the big deal if you are not going to make them? Somebody else will and then would fake it out for you. Thinking of such matters gives me shivers. The media has become so much injected into our lives that we neither can ignore it nor can accept it fully. But if we let this power game to carry on then in no time we definitely will reach a stage where only the fittest will survive or I should say the smartest will survive and its gonna take a toll on everyone’s life.

Yes we do require a governing body which could differ from the present corrupt officials and power hungry animals, not the one which governs us in our home but makes this world a better place to live in.


One Response to “Power Game”

  1. Pascal Says:

    maybe yes!

    as for me… these days its no news, no newspapers, no internet news feeds…

    Isolated from all the world. 🙂

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