Rockstar: INXS – The Big Fight

Recently I had a debate in IdolForums whether a female is capable of becoming a rocker or not which was raised by one of the members. The reference was to the reality show Rockstar : INXS in their campaign of choosing a lead singer for their band as the earlier singer Micheal Hutchenance had committed suicide.

The question was Did a female ever really have a chance as INXS’s ?


the thing i feel is that they were not really looking for a female..particularly in my opinion it shd be a fact since i dont think female can provide as much power n edge to a rock band like INXS …bcoz even though female can do anything a male can there are some things which happen to be male dominated and people too like it that way..otherwise marty and mig never would have topped so many times neither would have suzie toppled down to bottom 3 so often….all of them are talented but me thinks power of a male rockstar is more exuberant than a lady…as a matter of fact INXS was open to female contestants…. they didnt put suzie in bottom 3 …people did and then it was on INXS decision to choose her or drop its not INXS fault..they would obviously chose one from the 3

You know nothing about the capabilities of female singers or life in general.Female opera stars have held their own with men for centuries. Even over shadowed or dwarfed them in range and power.In regards to R&R. Aretha Franklin, Grace Slick, Heart, Janis and I dare say Deanna were very powerful. I think Suzie has some balls to her voice when she wants too.

…i didnt tell that there arent exceptions..all i wished to tell was what people in general thought about..y would u think suzie was in the bottom 3 so many times…or why only the girls have been in bottom 3 and been rejected as opposed to mig who just happened to go in the bottom only once last time….there are powerfull ladies i agree…but what would u consider about the peoples opinion??

What I consider about peoples opinions is what I have felt for a long time about the general listening public. And I beg that no one takes this as offensive, but: they are a fickle bunch of followers. Big record companies (some of which I have worked for even) force feed the listener EXACTLY what they want them to hear.So when someone as talented as some of the females on Rockstar deliver fantastic performance they are ignored. Why? Well they are not up there wearing next to nothing singing “Genie In A Bottle”. They are doing rock.Add this to the fact that I would GAMBLE that the fan base is predomininantly female (who seem heavily attracted to the males in this and other competitions…proof? read this entire board).On the otherhand, I am a male, and every week I actually DID vote, and voted every time for Jordis and Suzie, bar not one week.No doubt there are other reasons to, but this is a great place to continue this discussion.

no need of proof…..its a well known fact. so u agree male rockers have greater fan base…well thats the point..INXS will capitalize on that a male rocker was destined to be the front man…

I never said otherwise. I just linked to Kirk’s comment, and wished that his ideal in that interview had been a reality. Like I said…it is too late now.Destined? Could be, but that has nothing to do with the power or lack of power of the female singers…it just has to do with the fickle public and the desire of the record companies associated with INXS.

this is about INXS we are talking about….not the general public……….in general everyone has a very good chance to be an allrounder but it does depend on the situation and the event where past happenings are taken into consideration when the public’s opinion is taken into account.. people applauded INXS due to the male lead singer and maybe thats stuck up in their minds to have a similar persona ….having a female as lead is OK but preference definitely was for a male…i never have biased and nor did i have a chance to vote due to zonal diffrences but i was talking about how the people have reacted based on the poll results…it may have a hidden element too but thats there in every big event….if u know wat i am saying but i was not considering it …maybe i have too now


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