Much ado about blogging

I don’t understand why people resent getting the meaning of some terminologies and just prefer to using the rationale “Ignorance is Bliss” and put the thinking cap in the back seat of their car instead of on their dumb minds (getting pretty angry). It hurts(ouch!) to see my fellow colleagues try to act like they have seen something out of the blue even though they have spent half of their lives trampling on them (that too from the computers background, can you believe it !!!) . Believe what?? (now you are asking me? Hell). Man, I am talking about these blogs, the ones seem to rule the world today (yes indeed…I saw the newspapers taking the stuff from blogs and claiming to be their articles…Duh!!) and people are ignorant about the fact that they exist!! You don’t believe it? Go asking people this question, ”Heard of a blog” (in a john Travolta Fashion ) and they go blitzkrieg hearing about the sound of BLOG as if they just heard a spaceship land from mars (seeing too much of sci-fi these days). “Man, what does that mean??”, they ask. Is that supposed to be rhetorical or ironical, much to my disbelief it seems that finally it turns out to be the former one, ALWAYS (Bah!). For instance, I will tell you my own incident. There is this friend of mine called “FRIEND” (name undisclosed to protect his dumb nature…heh) and there is this “ME” (me, myself who else could it be?) who wanted to see my SITES as he knew I was doing web designing these days. So I gave him 3 links:

(For those unconcerned the first link is to my personal SITE (check the highlight) while the other two are for my BLOGS (check highlight again))

SITE: Representation for something you are or your company or your business or others’ in the form of web pages on the internet.
BLOG: Space for some ideas you put or anything anyone has to speak out on some things in life, anecdotes, ideas or trash (u may say crap), or even maybe works.

People can adjudicate physical things categorically very sleekly in a much treacherous way that I happen to wonder what losses they incur to do the same for the above terminologies. For example:
Person1: Hey man! You seem to be busy reading something ..
Person 2: Yeah man, got this today.
Person1: Which book is it.
Person2: (Eyebrow raised and nodding head as if he was sitting on the top of a throne like a king talking to his jester) … Oh man..Its not a book (Really!) ..Its a Novel (that was tough..indeed!!)
Person1: Oh,,,sarry (Pleading guilty)

Now do u see how people differentiate a NOVEL from a BOOK. That propels me in a zone where I too feel comfortable to refer to proper terminologies in the case of the internet. There are portals, blogs, sites, forums,e-shops etc and they should not be ever related by a single word viz. a SITE (rotating fist)

Okay, now said and done the reason for wasting my time writing this post:
Meeting of FRIEND with ME at college campus, the conversation about seeing my links I had given a day before started as follows:
ME: So, saw the links?
FRIEND: Yeah, pretty cool dude, never seen such awesome stuff before (Liar!!)
ME: Chee, Thanks mate, So read my blogs too?
FRIEND: Blog (Thunderbolt falling from the sky sound)…wats thhhaaaaaaat?
ME: Heh,, (Kidding me eh?) what did u see then?
FRIEND: Hey you told to see the 3 sites ..i saw,,pretty cool stuff
ME: 3 Sites (Damn!!) Hey its not 3 sites, only one site and 2 blogs
FRIEND: Whatever, pretty cool man
ME: (Whatever… Grrrr !) , wat exactly did u see? (politely)
FRIEND: all of them
ME: okay, (let me try differently) what did u like on the 2nd link
FRIEND: yeah, lot of writings on it man
ME: (Wat a joke!) Well yes, did u read any of them (posts)
FRIEND: nope
ME: (raising eyebrow) then what r u appreciating about it
FRIEND: The layout man, pretty awesome
ME: (Holy Crap!) Layyyyouttt,, all u saw in my blog was layout??
FRIEND: yea pretty cool man, how did ya do it?
ME: (Sweet Jesus!) The layout is provided already, I just post in it
FRIEND: Oh ..(some thoughts later) ..ok…keep up the good work
ME: (referring to the 3rd link) atleast did u see my 3rd link, my works
FRIEND: yea pretty awesome man
ME: Wow, thanks mate! Which one u liked the most
FRIEND: not seen entirely
ME: From those seen atleast (getting annoyed)
FRIEND: the layout man,,splenidid
ME: (Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh) leave it dude
FRIEND: well ok
ME: (lets ask about my SITE now) how is my site
FRIEND: I told ya ,, all sites were cool
ME: (All SITES???? I am gonna kill this idiot) very well then
FRIEND: yeah
ME: (just before leaving) hey signed my guestbook ?
FRIEND: wheres that?
ME: (take him away GOD plzzz) it was there as a link in the first page itself
FRIEND: no man didn’t see it..didnt have much time u see
ME: then my friend for Pete’s sake, what did u like??????
FRIEND: The layoutttttttt mannn (as if I was being the idiot)
ME: thanks for the appreciation mate (got to get rid of him now)
FRIEND: hey man, did u mean those other links were a sort of Forum
ME: (takes out a sword and slashes his throat…heh..well sort of wanted to do it) chal bye gotto go time out
ME AGAIN: Phew !! May day May day


3 Responses to “Much ado about blogging”

  1. Pascal Says:

    Yeah! Very true.
    Our colleges are full of fools like your friend.

  2. Jack Says:

    I saw your graphic designs. WoW ~ ~ pretty coooooool~~!!!( I am not saying like your friend, I really saw your blog)
    with what did you do that?–>

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