Good Ol’ School Days

I’m just having a nostalgic feeling about my good old school days and I don’t know why maybe because the vacation I’m enjoying prior to my job is what is reminding me of those lovely school vacations where I used to have fun and frolic with my school mates without having any tension, no hassles from family, no pressure from the outside world which has changed drastically now. There is tension about my future, hassles from friends and family alike in deciding my further step and pressure when you want to do what you want to do at your will thinking whether it will be right or wrong. Yes, I’m going to step in a different world altogether when I will first take my step from my studious days to working days where I will be alone and on my own to make a striking fortune with my personality, the knowledge which my teachers, parents, relatives have endowed in me, the trust with which I have confided in my mates and from all those people who have helped me in making an individual out of a brat to what I am now. There wont be any teachers who will scold me for any mistake I have done or to give a pat on my back for something I accomplish, there wont be any mischief that I would be doing like those I used to do with my friends in school, no lunch breaks like I used to have with my friends where we used the play hide n seek, catch catch, football etc.. At this moment I remember my sweet teachers whom I shall miss forever in my life. Miss Tina, my English teacher who taught so sweetly and was totally involved in her work that I was inspired with her work in a way that I did whatever I did with my full dedication and been loyal to the work I did just as she used to do. Miss Crisilda, my class n history teacher who was very soft spoken and appreciated every tiny effort the students put in their work. I won’t forget her way of punishment either which was pinching the ear of the student with her sharp nails that almost w freaked us out on not doing our homework. Well, I used to have a hearty laugh on those getting punished, seeing the fear on their face since I was very punctual with my work and never suffered any punishment from any teacher and I was one of their favorite students. Miss Shobha, my maths teacher also known as the fear factor of our class since she was very harsh on disobedient children since she herself was not blessed with any and she wanted us to be perfect in whatever we do in our life. But at the same time I liked her very much since she was the one who provoked or I should say ordered me to participate as the lead dancer in a musical story in the annual festival. Till then I did not at all have the confidence of going on a stage and that too as a dancer. In fact I’m a good dancer but had never shown in public. The same confidence doubled in me when Brother Pinto, my grammar teacher showed the faith and confidence in me to take part in Elocution eliminations held every year in school. The impact was such huge on me that I won the competitions three times in a row till I grew from a tot to a teenager and my voice became harsh and had to pull my feet back from the eliminations. The one person I would never forget in my whole life and to which I dedicate my success is my favorite or I should say everyone’s favorite person and our dear principal Brother Keanes who was so addicted to children that wherever he went he was surrounded by a flock of chirping small kids and I was one of them who liked sitting on his lap. He was very very considerate about each and every kid that he was like a parent to us. He even had invited me to his house where we had a nice time and gave me some dry fruits to eat. I was being so emotional to the kindness that he lent to everyone. I don’t know where he is now coz I never stayed in touch with anyone in my school after I passed out from there and I would say that it was indeed very foolish of me. (to be continued….)

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